How much lift will I need to get away with stuffing these tires under my truck?

Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by Hinton184, Sep 19, 2012.

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    A guy from work is selling tires and rims dirt cheap. $1000 for 4 basically new Nitto Terra Grappler tires with 4 KMD XD Rockstar rims. He put them on his Hummer around May and pulled them off in August. They have about 4000 miles on them. I looked at all 4 tires and rims and they're mint. Anyways, I'm about due for some tires and I'm looking around the $1000 price range...however since he's trading his Hummer in for a car (LOL) he NEEDS to get rid of these tires. At first he told me he wants $2000 for them and if I found a buyer for him he'd take $1750 and give me $250. Week by week the price went down. I told him I'd buy them but my truck is 6 lug and his Hummer is 8 lug. Well now that he's dropped down to a $1000 I'm all interested in them. I currently have 31" tires and I assume being LT 325/65R18 that these are 35". I figured I MIGHT be able to squeeze 33" tires in there with some trimming but these tires are huge at 35". I've got 2" wheel spacers on my truck right now which I was thinking about selling and going out and buying 6lug chevy to 8 lug wheel spacers/adapters and getting the bare minimum lift I need to get these to fit? I also very shortly will be pulling some heavy loads so I think I'm due for more durable shocks and more leaf spring strength anyways being I'm going to be pulling a car with my truck.

    My truck is a 1999 Silverado 4x4 Z71 The newer style of that year not the classic square boxy style. I was thinking about just getting one of the cheap 2 or 3" body lifts and then get the Tough Country 2" Suspension lift found here:

    I would go out and get a 6" lift and spend the $1000 on it but I'm not sure if I could put it together myself and I wouldn't want to even think of quoting a shop to do it for me but I think a body kit and basic add a leaf and torsion keys is do-able with some little help.

    Any help?

    Nitto Terra Grappler All Terrain
    LT 325/65R18 121 R
    is the information he gave me about them.
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    That's a pretty good deal. The tires come out being just under 35's so with the body lift and tough country you should definitely be able to fit them. Upgrading the shocks would be a good idea so that the ride won't kill you and also you may want to look into new shock mounts.
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    I run 315/70R17's on 0 offset wheels under a 6" lift on my 04 Sierra .... and I had to do some minor trimming on both the front plastics and the inner fender well plastics.

    Expect more of the same if you're near the same height, especially considering you're talking wider 325's. Also consider that the wheel's offset is going to play a part in this, so find out what it is so that you can anticpate it's impact, too. Your spacers/adapters may also play a role if they affect how far from the hub the wheel sits when bolted up.

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