How Much should Installation be?

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  1. Whats up ..I have plans on putting a leveling kit on my 2010 Chevy Silverado and was curious on how much people / autoshops usually charge to install it ... just so i have an idea on what i should pay... thanks
  2. ahmitchell1

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    Don't even bother if you have a jack and a jack stand you can do this in your driveway no problem it's a very easy install don't let someone take your money for something like that
  3. I'll ask my friend .. I would never try and do it .. The truck would end up falling on me lol
  4. ahmitchell1

    ahmitchell1 Rockstar 4 Years ROTM Winner 1000 Posts

    Yea get you a buddy who knows alil. These coil spacers are just so easy to do I wouldn't pay someone.
  5. AnimalYates

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    I don't know how to do it myself, and I don't know anyone who could do it so I took it to a shop. Keep it mind you will need to get a front end alignment after the install as well. I paid $180 out the door for installation and alignment total. Not too bad.
  6. Yea I know and yea that isn't bad .. Places by me are saying 400 lol
  7. whodeywhat

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    $178 and change for mine-ohio

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