How to beat a speeding ticket

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  1. ChevyFan

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    I'm just curious to see how many people here have successfully beaten speeding tickets and how you did it! What tricks and secrets have you employed to get out of a ticket?
  2. Mindi51982

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    My trick is probably obvious. :mdr::na:
  3. benhartholt

    benhartholt Rockstar

    I got pulled over on highway 400 about 4 months ago going exactly 69 over.. I told the cop I hadn't had my spedometer recalibrated after I put my new tires and rims on my truck and he dropped my ticket down to 49 over.. Then I went to my buddy;s dads garage and got a fake receipt for a spedometer retuning/recalibration. I brought this to the court and showed it to the judge and he dropped it! :)
  4. Springthing

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    If I'm speeding and I get caught I own up to it and man up. :)

    I tried Mindi's hair flipping thing once but it didn't turn out nearly as well as I'd hoped. After that one time I just went back to not trying to get out of it.
  5. bac-n-afect

    bac-n-afect Rockstar 100 Posts

    always fight

    I was told by an attorney that you should ALWAYS take a traffic violation to court for two reasons,

    One- the county prosecutor will usually lower the fine in order to have you plead guilty thus saving the court from actually having to do something to justify "Court Costs" These fees are $50 in IA

    Two- Technically the written fine or ticket itself does not constitute as a witness. Therefore if you show up to court and there is no police officer, you win. That is if the prosecuting attorney dosen't ask the court for a continuance. When playing this game I have found that calling about 2 weeks ahead to change your appearance date is an extremely useful tactic. The officer must move his schedule around and the county has to notify him/her of the schedule change. This has worked twice for me and the tickets were both dropped due to lack of evidence.

    I have 17 speeding violations on my driving record and have lost my license multiple times.
    I used to live in Blue Grass, IA. I once heard that it was on a national list of speed trap towns, I was told it was # 7.

    Just in case your wondering I will be getting off of sr-22 ins. in september because I have finall been good long enough!
    plus, I moved. ha!:lol:
  6. DaveyBoyo

    DaveyBoyo Rockstar

    2 summers ago, I was driving my old '84 Sierra down a local highway. I had no insurance and my spedometer was inoperative. Good mix eh?

    I was driviing with the flow of traffic, and there were quite a few cars around me. I noticed a police officer on the side of the road who had just finished writing someone a ticket and had begun walking back to the cruiser.

    Naturally, when people see a cop, they slow down; and that's what all the vehicles around me did. However, I figured that I wasn't speeding anyways and continued on my merry way. About 30 seconds later I see the cop car passing vehicles behind me, and coming up on my bumper.

    'Oh crap', I think, and before I have the chance to slow down, the cherries come on.

    I pull over to the side of the road and the lady cop, yep, one of them, comes marching up to my truck in a huff.


    I was so scared that I began to shake and started fumbling with my wallett.

    'It's a bad day to have a broken spedometer..' I sighed.

    'What? Your spedo is broken? But you just saw me pull that guy over and everybody else slowed down. That smells like BS to me,' she said.

    I put on my best puppy dog face and looked up at her, 'You know how it is, you see a cop, you slow down. I figured I wasn't speeding anyways so what did it matter?'

    Instantly her demeanor changed. 'Well, I guess that makes sense. Tell you what..(she looks at her watch) shift ended 10 minutes ago and I'm pretty hungry so I'm gonna go home and get something to eat. You get that spedometer fixed and have a good day hun'

    And she turned and walked away, saving me a $5000 ticket for driving with no insurance, plus a ticket for 25 over.

    Beat that.
  7. zachh1020

    zachh1020 Rockstar 100 Posts

    I'm the type of person that goes way over the top. My 2002 Silverado was a FAST truck. Needless to say I tested it a lot. I have even run in some Rallys. My Police beating equiptment consisted of...

    1. Valentine 1 Radar Detector
    2. Blinder Laser Jammer
    3. Digital Police Scanner
    4. Analog Police Scanner
    5. CB Radio for Truck driver reports
    All of the Equpt. Above is Legal to Own. It Becomes Illegal when you use it in the commision of a felony, and speeding is not a felony. I have been pulled over for other things such as tail lights, the police never say a word about the added stuff. :lol:

    On normal days I just used the Radar Detector. All the other stuff I just used in certain cases, And for certain races I had a Co-Pilot/Navagater with binoculars with a gyro stablizer.

    Now You Know a Little About Zach, I Go WAY OVER THE TOP!

    The one speeding ticket I got was for 14 over and my fuse had blown to the Aux Outlet and my Radar wasnt on. My Luck Eh? I didn't go to court, i just paid it.

    Luckily none of that stuff was in my truck for the wreck. I had removed it all a week before because I planned on selling the truck.
  8. mozartjbu

    mozartjbu New Member

    Pull Off

    I always use the quick pull off and go in somewhere. Most cops dont want to mess with the following or waiting until you come back out. But doesn't always work....
  9. bac-n-afect

    bac-n-afect Rockstar 100 Posts


    Whats a gyro stablizer?

    and now that we are telling stories I have a neat one. well I have several but this one was one of the deepest holes I had dug myself into while driving. I was on Annual Training orders at Ft. Riley Kansas. I am a reservist and It just so happens that I was ordered to drive to ft. riley in a GSA van with a load of soldiers for this training exercise. (Govt. Sanctioned Auto) See where this is going?

    Training goes off without a hitch and we are driving back. Somewhere between the last rest stop and home (along I-80) I was goosing the van out of boredom and got the attention of the lead vehicle. A friend of mine was in a matching GSA van full of soldiers.

    There are two ways from I-80 back to the drill hall. I took the wrong one and at a speed of NEEDLE BURIED I drove blatantly thru a MAJOR speed trap.

    Conversation goes something like this,
    Hello, officer
    Do, you know how fast you were going sgt?
    Uh, not really... but I know it was fast...
    ...getting stared at...
    GOD DAMMIT SON! I wouldn't normally write a soldier a ticket but the chief is here and your the fastest we've had all day! ... I need you to get in my squad

    One and a half hours later,
    The chief just left, now heres a warning for speed, Heres a warning for the seatbelt infraction,
    And I'm going to have to write you for not having a license.

    Thank you sir!

    After trying to explain how I "got lost" only 10 miles out of town to my first sgt... he let it slide

    Two months later, but before I went to court for the driving w/o a license ticket I was cleared to take my driving test and get my license back. Which I showed to the judge and had that ticket dropped. (except court costs)

    As if it couldn't get any better... I'd have to guess about six months went by before I was at drill and officer Micheals stood before the morning formation as CPT Micheals.... He never mentioned it... and neither did I.
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  10. zachh1020

    zachh1020 Rockstar 100 Posts

    Its used on cameras and such that are in motion to reduce bounce and movement for a better picture.

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