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How to Clear your Nobs

Discussion in 'How-to Guides' started by FordAssasin, Jan 16, 2010.

  1. FordAssasin

    FordAssasin Member

    Ok guys this is a how to on clear nobs,I learned this trick when I had my 2003 Cavalier Time Attack and wanted to spice up the interior in tihs pick is the before and after on the left is what your nobs look like now and on the right is what they will look like when your done...

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  2. FordAssasin

    FordAssasin Member

    Locate Nobs

    Ok now this mod is optional and for the best results the nobs have to be clear in order to get the best effect.The stock nobs have a "skin" over them that can be removed but they have been cast in white plastic you can just paint them whatever color you want,So first you need to locate nobs cast in clear plastic since the idea came from my cavalier i just went to the junk yard and pulled a total of 8 nobs of of cavaliers and sunfires cuz they are the same thing just with a potiac badge after you pull the nobs inspect the underside for cracks if they are cracked you will end up wasting time and paint so after inspection and you find good ones put them in your pocket and walk out,now since we are going to have clear nobs you can "tint" them like i have but again you can paint them any color you want.In this picture are the nobs removed,on the left is the stock one and on the right is the claer one with the skin removed.The skin is attached at the bottom of the nob with glue simply use a Small flat head to pry apart the skin from the nob go slow so you dont scratch the nob.....

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  3. FordAssasin

    FordAssasin Member

    Shaft Sanding

    Ok after you have removed the skin and discarded it you need a dremel tool or equal sanding device,the shaft of the clear nob needs to be sanded down so it will fit into you control holes.Also there is a stop to prevent the nob from over turning this will also have to be sanded off,during the sanding keep comparing the size of the clear nob to the stock nob so you dont sand to much off!In this picture you can see the stock (left) and the clear(right) shafts and how much sanding is required....

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  4. FordAssasin

    FordAssasin Member

    paint prep

    Ok now that the sanding is done go out to your truck and make sure you didnt over do it,Next wash the nobs i use Dawn dish soap and warm water,DO NOT USE THE ABRASSIVE SIDE of the sponge! You will scratch the clear and have to start all over again and DO NOT sand the nob you want to maintain the clear so be careful with it.After washing the nob if you havnt picked your paint do so now if your tinting like i did you can obtain the paint at a hobby store i did mine in blue but you can get red or smoke its up to you in this pick is the cans of Testors All purpose GlossCote #1261(left) and Testors All purpose spray enamel #1257 transparent blue(right)

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  5. FordAssasin

    FordAssasin Member


    :great:Final step,you dont have to be a pro to do this but if you apply a coat to thick it will ruin all your work so remember LITE COATS!!!!! i didnt document the painting with picts so follow the directions and you will be fine.After the nob has dried and you selected your color mount the nobs in a cardboard box so you can cover the whole nob in a single coat dont push the nobs all the way down to the cardboard,Next shake the hell out of that rattle can 5 minutes will do after that start the paint apply the first base thin so the next coats have somthing to stick to,remember if you go with the transparent paint the more coats you apply the darker the color so keep that in mind while painting.I applied a total of three base coats of the transparent blue so that it matches my interior LED lights,dont rush this let the paint dry COMPLETLY before adding additional coats i spaced the coats out over three days so take your time.Next after the base coats have been applied its time to clear coat the nobs(note:the transparent blue dries clear the clear coat is so you can handle the nobs and not ruin the paint).Same thing with the clear apply in lite coats and take your time i did an even number of clear (3) coats as the base and dont paint in the cold paint likes room temp.(70 degrees F.) after the clear has been applied your nobs should look like this,Left unpainted,right Painted:great:After Letting the clear dry for a couple days pull them from the cardboard and mount them to your controls and enjoy!!!Remember to save your old nobs just in case you have to go back to stock!!!!!!

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  6. TRPLXL2

    TRPLXL2 Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts Platinum Contributor


    Wow this has got to be one of the coolest mods I have seen come on this site in a while, I really like that blue being clear like that! Awesome write- up, his might give me another cheap little project to do with my S-10. Thanks again for posting, absolutely three thumbs up!!!!! :great::great::great:
  7. FordAssasin

    FordAssasin Member

    Thank you..Thank you very much

    WOW!!! I did it right!! lol I found the mod while i was on a cavalier forum and been doing it ever since to all my nobs its easy and an inexspensive way to spice up the interior of your Chevy and remember you can use red or "tint" in a can but the blue looks best and again thank you!sniff...sniff...:happy:

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