How to Crank up Torsion Bars

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by ippielb, May 6, 2009.

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    Okay, I heard all the side effects, and the bad things, but I'm going to be needing a little more clearance in the front to fit the new tires and rims. I'll be ordering the leveling kit this weekend, but delivery will be a while. So, I'm hoping to turn up the torsion bars so that it wont rub as bad. It will only be for around 2 weeks until my kit arrives. Pictures and "How to do it for Dummies" is a bonus too! :great:

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    O.K. one more time! Based on my experience adjusting the stock keys is only going to give you 1" or maybe1.5" of lift if you're lucky. Before I installed my leveling kit I adjusted my stock keys out of curiosity,I wanted to see for myself how ride quality was affected. I can tell you it wasn't very good it made the front end "float" like an old Cadillac! After I installed the leveling kit the ride was much better, not back to factory as the kit manufacturer's claim, but in my opinion better! It made the front end feel much more solid, firmer like a truck should feel, but not harsh. Here's a link to ReadyLift's instruction page, I got the Pro Comp kit but the instructions are identical it just says "Pro Comp" at the top instead of ReadyLift

    The picture is from under my truck showing the adjuster bolt. I drove mine for about 2 weeks without an alignment but I only put about 200 miles on it so I didn't hurt the tires, if you are going to put a lot of miles on before you install the leveling kit you are going to need an alignment and you will need another one after the installation (cost me $59.99 for mine so that's something to consider) Adjusting the stock keys is not a big deal, just lift the truck by the frame, tighten each bolt the same number of turns, lower the truck and measure, adjust each side till it is even. I can tell you one side is probably going to bottom out before the other, just don't wind it the whole way in, leave it about 1/8" out. Good luck hope this helps, check out these theads too!

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    Good luck, 2 weeks shouldn't be too bad for cranking the torsion bars. I don't know if it's true for this case but the more you tighten things the more stress you put on things. I know money isn't easy to come by but I hope you were able to buy a good quality leveling kit. Again, good luck.
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    would it be worth the money to have a local shop do the leveling kit if you dont feel comfortable doing it yourself?
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    Depends on your mechanical skill level, it's not too difficult but you will need the torsion bar unloading tool(torsion bar suspension) but if if you're not comfortable I'd recommend having a shop do it unless you have a friend or someone who is mechanically inclined. You probably have a local shop who sells leveling kits and will install for an extra charge.
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    Epic heavily viewed thread with few replies.

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