How To Debadge your NBS Silverado

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by WaldoAZ, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. ChevyFan

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    Get the goo gone off as quickly as you can and it should not affect the clear coat. It's really good at getting off adhesive, that's what it breaks down.
  2. aloxdaddy99

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    I used fishing line to remove some of the badging on my truck. I used WD40 to help remove the adhesive.
  3. sdella2004

    sdella2004 New Member

    Wd40 works ??
  4. Dana W

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    Don't. It is kerosene. Jet fuel. And it is very expensive. You'll need a pint or two of adhesive remover. It evaporates fast and you want to keep the glue wet with it until it wipes off easy. Use unwaxed flat dental floss, ya gotta go slow. The trick is to try and get the floss as hard against the paint as possible and slowly saw back and forth. 3M General Purpose Adhesive Remover is less than half the price of oops or that other heavily marketed stuff. It'll get the glue off faster too. It'll take the glue off scotch tape without hurting the tape. I've used it a lot to take those old ratted out tape pinstripes and other graphics off my cars and trucks for a while now.

    If you screw up and yank a badge that does have pilot holes, just go to a parts store or auto paint store and get some 3M body tape to fix it. It's the stuff you put on Bushwhacker fender flares and bedrails with. You can buy it in rolls of different widths or cut it into shapes with an exacto knife.
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  5. Coach24

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    Fresh and clean. And no caffeine?
  6. SuperSport01

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    I used a heat gun and fishing line to get the moldings off. Then the heat gun and a plastic spatula to roll the 3m tape off. Then I used gasoline instead of goo gone to wipe off the remaining sticky. I finished up with 3m light duty polish on low speed.
  7. mikepol2

    mikepol2 New Member

    Some other tips...I've removed the front and rear bowtie emblems from a couple trucks and this worked well:

    Front grill emblem:
    1) Open the hood. There is a black plastic shroud covering the radiator, with an opening right above the emblem that's just big enough to reach your hand into.
    2) The emblem is held in place with two plastic clips. The clips are "L" shaped.
    3) The plastic is very hard and is tough to bend. Slide a short flat bladed screwdriver into the space between the grill and the outside edge of each clip. Move the handle of the screwdriver towards the wheel on each side and push the emblem out of the front of the grill.
    4) Be careful with how far in you push the screwdriver. If you push too far, you'll shave off some of the plastic tab. No big deal if you plan to throw away the emblem, but if you want to paint and re-use it, shaving the tab will make the emblem loose when you re-install it.

    Rear tailgate emblem:
    1) These are held on with a thick adhesive from the factory. Wash the emblem and surrounding area well.
    2) Take a piece of masking tape and put it along the bottom edge of the emblem. Put another piece along the side. The tape will be your marks for installing a new emblem, if that's what you are doing.
    3) Using a PLASTIC putty knife / paint scraper, slowly push into the space between the emblem and the tailgate. You can pick these up at any hardware store for a buck or two (get more than one in case you damage the sharp edge). A 2" wide one works well but there are other sizes. The plastic won't damage the paint as long as you're careful. Because the adhesive is so thick, you have to be patient and work slowly.
    4) After the emblem comes off there will be a layer of the adhesive remaining. Use the putty knife to slowly remove it.
    5) Using isopropyl alcohol (can get it at any drug store) and a rag, remove the remaining film of adhesive.
    6) Let the area dry for a few minutes, then you're ready to install your new emblem. Usually they come with double face tape for installation.
    7) Remove the masking tape guides and you're done! Total time shouldn't take more than 45 minutes.

    Painting the factory emblems:
    If you don't want to buy a replacement emblem you can paint the factory ones and put them back on:
    1) Wash the emblem to remove any dirt, salt, etc.
    2) Using very fine grit sandpaper, lightly scuff the surface to allow the paint to better adhere to it.
    3) Wipe down the emblem with isopropyl alcohol and let it dry for a few minutes.
    4) Now you can spray paint the logo with any paint that is advertised to work on plastic. Use a primer first, then the color of your choice.

    Good luck guys!
  8. dark star

    dark star Member

    Why de badge anyway ?
    just sayin'
  9. ChromeSilver02

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    Why does anybody mod any of their vehicles? It is be to different, to make it your own, to make it better and because you can.
  10. stchman

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    Better is 100% subjective. I like the badges on my Silverado. With that being said, I do like to keep the badges to a minimum. I don't like it when people remove the door molding, but then again that's my opinion.

    I have SILVERADO on the driver and passenger door, and the Bowtie and LTZ on the tailgate. The dealer put their logo on the tailgate, that came off first thing.

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