How To Fight A Speeding Ticket

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    I personally have avoided traffic tickets fairly easy...but I'm a medic and carry an extra uniform in my truck. The officer (local or OHP) sees it and most of the time will strike up conversation or just let me go saying, "Remember, you're not driving an ambulance right now."
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    Well, I guess since I was the first Officer to post on this thread after the first couple posts, another Officer has joined the hunt!! I have to sit back and read all the posts and I shake my head at some of the responses I read. Me, a veteran officer of 10 years, who has seen it all, from drug stuff, traffic to illegal everything.. still goes WOW! did they just say that, or did they just act like that.

    I am in Canada, and that is where I will stay and work, but I have lived in the states (Florida, Pennsylvania) and law enforcement is so much different. Not good, not bad, just different. I will say this, from an Officer perspective; DON'T try and be the smart-ass, wise-ass, know it all, ask for the radar, demand the badge, video tape the stop, be the "i didn't do it" kinda person...UGH! What is the point!! YOU DID THE VIOLATION- Own it! Fight it in court, have your day to say what happened, don't rag on the Officer for doing our jobs. Do I come into your place of work and demand to tell you how to run your cash register, stock your shelf, sell your product and give you a hard time?? NO! Be the responsible, person and follow directions.

    Tactics??? what tactics, can you possibly possess that one of us hasn't seen before. Its just going to get you into more trouble, or look foolish.. I agree some people have TACT, and can talk their way out of things, and present themselves in a professional manner, but honestly, how many people like that do I deal with in a day??? ummmmm maybe .1%

    Sometimes I don't even intend to give a ticket, I just wanna see what is going on, and why the violation happened, then you open your mouth and start lipping off, demanding this and that... it just undermines my authority and job... And, I don't have to show my radar gun to anyone, the speed prints out and I can bring that to court as evidence. You wanna fight the radar gun, the Officer, the notes, the situation, that is fine with me. That is why they made court, so you can go and represent yourself and have your say. I am good Officer, fair and a good role model for people in my community, it takes years to built a good reputation with the community, I am not going to let some yahoo or hotshot, who think that they got Tact! argue with me and cause me to lose my cool.

    Moral of the story, be respectful, don't give attitude, by honest and truthful about the situation, and if you feel the concern is not there, take yourself to traffic court and have your day. You will be much more prepared, calmed down and ready to state the facts and take the situation like a mature person. We love to deal with people like that! Remember Officers are normal people too (out of uniform), don't give us a hard time for being us...
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    Say there are five or six cars traveling relatively close to each other. How does the radar detect the speeding truck?
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    Well said officer
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    The radar here can single out vehicles; Radar guns are an electronic tool which uses electromagnetic waves called radio waves to detect and locate moving or fixed objects.
    There are Two Types of Radars: 1) Pulse Radars
    2) Continuous Wave Radar
    Police Radars: utilizes radio waves and the Doppler Effect. Police Laser Radar utilizes light waves and the pulses. A radar gun is used to send out radio waves of specific frequencies in a chosen direction. The traveling waves then bounce off objects, vehicles, and return to the gun 's receiving station. When the waves reflect off a moving vehicle, a frequency shift, called Doppler Shift happens. The radar gun computer then uses the frequency shift to calculate the speed of the moving vehicle.
    A Radar Antenna transmits the signal in a directional beam similar to a flashlight beam. The Police Traffic Radar beam is in a shape and continues outward indefinitely from the antenna until it is reflected, refracted, or absorbed.

    Range Control Techniques

    The radar operator can control the effective range of the radar and how to adjust the radar beam to avoid possible errors in target identification. There are three methods to control range: 1) Angling the Antenna - permits the operator to change or move the main power beam
    2) Sensitivity (Range) Control Functions - can be turned down to decrease the sensitivity of the radar gun
    3) Environment interference: examples are hills and curves, will reduce the effect range of the gun.
    The radar beam continues in a straight path and cannot bend around curves or over hills

    That is it a nut shell! hope that answers your question..... If you need more information.. I can write more stuff... :)
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    gmcerica, you seem like a nice enough guy, and maybe 1 of the few good guys out there. i was raised in the mid-west and let me tell you there are almost no real cops here that actually do there job with integrity. illegal road blocks pulling over anyone they decide to, running plates while tailgating in hopes to catch an offender without any form of probable cause, stating that your guilty of speeding to what ever they feel like accusing you of, illegal search of personal property, while conducting an illegal search they typically cause destruction of personal property, planting evidence, and by all means dont even think of questioning the officers or your going to jail for sure. i keep an attorney on retainer because of corrupt cops. 1 time they kicked down my door by mistake because of a complaint about the guys next door, so instead of admitting it they had the wrong house they planted pot in my ash tray and arrested me. thankfully a budy of mine had it on video tape showing the cop pulling a bag of pot out of his pockets and planting some stems in my ash tray.
    another time i got pulled over for doing 85 in a 65. first off i was in the slow lane so umm really! second, so happens i was doing real time satellite feed data logging proving my speed. i attempted to tell the cop he got the wrong car so he also gave me a ticket for interfering with an investigation. i sent a transcript of my data log to the da and charges got thrown out 4 hours after he viewed them. none the less it still cost me time and money because the cop just wanted to give a ticket to anyone.

    there are very few good cops these days and your just beating a dead horse trying to say otherwise.
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    GMCerica was that you standing at the urinal next to me at the court house?
    I swear that guy had big bumps on his/ her chest .
    We're you doing an undercover sting? Man I would like to go under the covers with you even if it did sting.
    For a guy you have very long hair I might add.
    Dang you really fooled me in tha Victoria secret lingerie. Is that wht we don't get a panty shot? Are you packing some heat?
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    maybe if you opened your eyes, you would see them. You may have had a bad experience, but judging from your previous post, you are exactly the kind of person she advised not to be.
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    the kind of person she has advised not to be? ok, i fight for my country, pay my taxes, raising a child on my own, mind my own business, dont hardly leave the house other than for food or work in fears of a cop dicking with me, but yet you feel im one of those guys huh?

    ok everyone. do not mind any laws or do good for anyone or you will be labeled a bad person.

    gmcerica, sorry about the gender confusion. i wasnt so much focused on your gender as i was the point of which i was trying to put out. thats a failure on my behave for not paying attention to detail and i apologize for that.
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