How to Fix Code P0449 Evap Pics,Video and part #'s

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by Enkeiavalanche, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. undertheradar

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    Just fixed my po449 code. Bought the "vapor canister vent valve" from Napa. Part# 600-1627. Cost was 94.99 they sold it to me for "garage cost" at $77.99. This valve is connected to the filter. I just uncoupled the one clip, turned the solenoid 40 deg and pulled it out. This is located at the front of the gas tank, drivers side frame. Very easy fix for a BS system. Everyone's solenoid is normally open and when u start the vehicle it closes for vacuum purposes. My solenoid was bad so it was venting all the time. I also bought a foot of 5/8" hose and connected it to the charcoal cannister on the tank. So nothing is moved. I blame the failure on a POS Mexico made solenoid. I ain't buying the relocation thing.
  2. j cat

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    change you fill up methods and you may be OK. if the canister is damaged from liquid fuel after a period of time this may return.
  3. undertheradar

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    After a couple hundred miles, I now keep getting a PO446 code. I take the hose of the vent solenoid and can only blow air thru if the gas cap is off. Take the cap off and blow right thru it????
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    Popular write-up! Nice work!
  5. Hal

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    what about the code PO446. I have a 2005 suburban 2500,6.0 engine,what would be the fix for that
  6. j cat

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    what that means is the venting of the fuel tank is NO.... plugged up canister from over filling the tank then parking vehicle to allow the fuel to over flow into the charcoal.. then the damage .
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    Good Info, Thanks for posting!
  8. Enkeiavalanche

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    Glad to see that this has helped so many....:cool:

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