How to get better fuel milage?

Discussion in 'Programmers & Tuning' started by MTM, Oct 31, 2011.

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    I have a 2000 silverado K2500 with the 5.7 and 106,000 miles. I have 285/75/16 hankook dynapros, exhaust and a well maintained motor. I was just wonder what is a good programer for this year model and was also wonder if a cold air intake would be worth gettin. So if anyone has an idea please give me all you got.

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    .....Having a Cat Back Exhaust installed on your Silverado Now, I would go with a Set of Headers Instead of a CAI.......the reason is your going to Receive a Better return on your Investment with Headers than with a CAI........the Headers along with your Cat Back Exhaust and then the Addition of a "Custom Tune".......with give you the Best Bang for your Far as what "Custom Tune" to go, and That is the Custom Tunes from Black Bear Performance....I Have Their, In-Person Custom Tune....and its Been Without Question the Best Investment I've Put into My Silverado!!.....

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    It would also be nice to know what gears you are running and what your current milage is? since with the K2500s there is a fine line where you really are only going to only pick up 10ths of a mpg per mod.
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    I have 3:73 gears. and currently I get on average 13 mpg. I would love to sit around 18 if possible. I've heard a programer like the Hypertech max energy does good but i dont know. I was also thinking of doing a intake and a throttle body spacer. I was just posting this so hopefully some one has a similar set up or has an idea of what might help.
  5. looking into buying a Diablo Trinity but hoping to get more info before chunking 500 bucks any input on this ?

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    A Tuner/Programmer......Will help to Some Degree, as I Mentioned Above, going with a Custom Tune from Black Bear, will Yield you the Best Return on Your Investment!!!.......Regarding the Throttle Body Spacer, Save your Money as they Do Nothing for the Vortec Engines Regarding Gains in either H.P or M.P.G.
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    Uhh ive got new for you 15 will be the TOPS that you will get out of a 3/4ton crew cab and 4wd (?not sure if it one). ive had several 1/2tons and they would struggle to get 16-18. That is the disadvantage of the 3/4ton they are made to tow and hence are very hevy and as a result the 5.7L is working pretty hard just to move all the metal around. to be honest 13 is pretty darn good.
  8. 2COR517

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    All good advice here. Don't waste your money on programmers or the induction side. These engines breath plenty well on the top side in stock form, most of those products simply lighten your wallet and make more noise in the cab. Money would be better spent on synthetic fluids all the way around, full tune up including new upstream O2 sensors, and a Custom Tune such as Black Bear. 285s and 3.73 are not the best choice for economy. You may want to downsize your tires at some point. Also, it looks like the frontend could come down a couple inches. That will also help with economy. Once you have the truck all set up the way you want, tuned up, and final tire size; get the tune. The data logging process will give you the best results.
  9. phoebeisis

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    I wouldn't waste $$ on any bolt ons-they generally are for increasing peak hp and they won't improve part throttle FE on a modern-1996 on- vehicle.
    13 mpg is not too bad for a 3/4 ton-especially if that is mixed mpg- not pure hy.
    I would guess a 5.7 3/4 ton 4x4 will get about 15-16 mpg at 65 mph.In pure short trip city driving 10 mpg would be decent

    Your best bet is to pulse and glide in city driving and to set the CC to about 62 mph on the hy.
    Averaging about 62 mph my 1998 Suburban 5.7 2wd will get 20-21 mpg on long trips. In pure city I can get 16 mpg, but with my wife also driving it I get about 12-13 city.The 16 mpg is while driving to get good mpg- pulse and gliding- motor on- just speed up to 35 mph- lift completely off the gas, and glide down to 28 mph-GMs glide very well- 4L60E trans- the 4L80E probably does about the same-
    My 217,000 mile Surburban will lose about 1 mpg per 3 seconds-one pulse glide cycle is about 1/4 mile.
    When you lift at 35 mph- you will actually peak at about 37 mph(slightly over the limit-so you glide for maybe 30 seconds)
    Don't drive "like you have an egg under your foot- just accel normally to lift speed.
    The idea is to not speed much time on the gas,and brake AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE.
    Braking kills city FE, so anticipate stops.
    Mild pulse and gliding will improve your city FE by about 15%-roughly 2 mpg
    PS Like others said-285's are too wide for best FE-STOCK WAS PROBABLY 265/70 16??
    13 MPG is actually above average for your truck!
  10. MTM

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    murdog94-i actually also have a 2wd 96 with a 5 1/2'' lift and i get 20 mpg on the highway with it...not arguing with you just saying.

    Thanks for all the good advice im so glad i got all these points of view because i ways going to get a intake, programer, and a throttle body spacer.But sounds like its really not worth my money to do aftermarket products.

    phoebeisis-yes it did have 265/70 16's stock and i will for sure try the gliding thing. Is that better then trying to keep a constant speed?

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