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Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by rolltideroll, May 13, 2010.

  1. rolltideroll

    rolltideroll New Member

    bout 9 months ago i put a 6" suspension lift and a 3" body lift on my 2000 silverado. How can i keep my lift now but go bout 5" more higher
  2. Metaluzc

    Metaluzc Rockstar 4 Years 100 Posts

    I could be wrong but couldn't you just put a another 5" lift on top of your current one or mix-and-match another 2" body and 3" suspension or whatever your liking is? I'm not sure about stability but I would think you can just stack the "blocks".
  3. tbplus10

    tbplus10 Epic Member Staff Member 5+ Years 5000 Posts Platinum Contributor

    The absolute limit on body lifts is 3" any higher and it's illegal in most states and gets wobbly and dangerous.
    Why wouldnt aftermarket manufacturers make a higher bodylift if it presented no problems? Theres lots of people out there that want them so the marketplace would be ripe if this were a good idea.

    Mixing, stacking, or combining suspension lifts is also a big no no, this leads to a very unstable truck that could turn out to be dangerous on or off road. Most suspension pieces arent made to withstand the additional stresses and loading they would be placed under if you did this and may fail catastrophically.

    The only solution is to start with a totally new suspension system.
  4. silveradotrailblazer

    silveradotrailblazer Epic Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 5000 Posts

    how to get more lift

    Straight axle conversion. Get all the lift you want.

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