How To Increase Your MPG?

Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by ippielb, Jul 12, 2009.

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    I have run Chevron for the last ten years. WHy?
    I remember that Mercedes Benz had an add on in their owners manuals, they actually recommended this fuel because it had Techtrolene in it... (My spelling may not be correct on that additive) At the time, Mercedes had their own factory fuel injection cleaner, and they were recommending this Chevron additive.
    I use regular and put a tank of high Test in every fifth tank. You can buy the straight additive in auto part stores, Costco has the best deal in a six pac for around $14.
    You will never have a problem with your injectors if you use quality fuel.
    A dirty fi can rob you of decent MPG , remember this is the item that atomizes your fuel, the better the atomization the better the fuel mileage...
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    I have read that having the tailgate UP in an open bed creates significant drag on aerodynamics,hence mpg. Can't see leaving the tailgate down however unless you tie a red bandana or other warning to tailgaters. Looks crappy too. If a person were to drive at highway speeds alot I could see a reduction in mpg, but city driving not so much.

    It makes sense to not carry around a full tank of fuel too. Why carry all the weight of that gas? Keep it at half tank if possible, or there abouts but don't stay low for long cause the electric fuel pump needs the cooling of the gas to last.
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    I dont think weight matters much, its a truck theyre suppose to be heavy :)

    If you wanna get rid of some weight, just get rid of your bumper and hitch. Add a roll pan.
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    I have always heard that a tonneau cover helped milage. My '93 Silverado had a cover on the bed from the time I bought it until late this spring when it wore out and I took it off. To my surprise I gained just over one mpg, this was with leaving the tailgate up.

    The '04 I just got has a bed cover as well and I will be experimenting with it in the near future. I'll keep you posted.
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    the tailgate down thing doesnt work. was proven on myth busters. creates a swirling motion which has more drag on it. if you have ever had trash in your bed , like a soda can or a cup from mc.donalds you will notice it doesnt always fly straight out. it will make a few turns and twist and float in the bed for a while then get sucked out. not sure of all the science behind it but it just doesnt work.
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    Mythbusters also did a test on tail gates and fuel economy. They found that having a normal tail gate closed got way better gas mileage than open, and the "net" tail gates got the worst. So basically keep your tail gate closed!!!
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    All good ideas

    I started talking with a co-worker regarding these same things. He has the exact same truck I do (but in blue). '07 new body style extended cab with 6' bed, 5.3l with the active fuel management, 4x4 drive. The only difference between our two trucks is the mods he has installed. He put a K&N Cold Air Intake kit and a Flowmaster 40 series (CAT-back) on the truck, that's it. All I've done is replace the tires with a 3/4 ton 10-ply (same size). He claims a 22 MPG on the freeway, and I see about 17 to 18. So I started researching his claim. Heck, for $600 roughly I could do these two mods and see if I hit 21 (my tires are slightly heaver). Has anyone experimented with these two and actually seen a marked increase?
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    I have an older model (91) and it seems to me that right about the time gas stations started putting 10% ethanol in their gas that my mileage dropped by about the same amount. Coincidence? Just wondering if anyone else has noticed that or if I'm just a little too cynical.

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    saw that one. I was surprised but they got all that "science" on their side, so I guess they're right.
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    Every one keeps talking about fuel additives to clean out their fuel system, but no one mentions adding a cap full or two of ATF to a tank of gas. I learned this from some old timers. How many of you have a half or full bottle of ATF on their garage shelves? Also some marvel mystery oil in the fuel will help lube your valves.
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    Adding ATF to the fuel supply is something from back in the day where cars didn't have EFI or catalytic converters. The chief benefits were upper cylinder and combustion chamber lubrication and carbon removal. Being very high in detergent I personally would not add ATF to a modern, fuel-injected gasoline engine, as I'd worry over electric fuel pump damage, fuel filter damage, injection system damage, emission system damage, and the like.

    Personally I'd be more inclined to use Sea Foam to achieve the benefits associated with use of ATF in the gas tank, as it does the same things with none of the supposed risks.

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