How to install an ipod adapter with factory cd player

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    Peripheral Ipod Adapter ISGM73 w/ ipod cable - Installation

    i purchased the Peripheral Ipod Adapter ISGM73 w/ the ipod cable for the new 5v charging system for newer ipods and iphones (my ipod is 16gb nano)
    there are many options for accomplishing my goals, but this was the cheapest way to get everything i wanted.

    Installation was easy; it came from ebay in 2 days via priority mail for $100 for the peripheral box, gm harness, and the new style ipod cable. the cable works on both new and old ipods and iphones and charges my nano 16gb. i can control the ipod from the ipod or through my factory cd player. it's bad ass. my truck is a 2004 silverado w/o onstar w/o a cd changer but with a cd player that has an "aux/cd" button. when the truck turns off so does the ipod, when i hit the aux button the ipod comes on and the radio buttons allow u to skip to the previous or the next song.

    it works great on shuffle mode and you can pic the artist/album/song from the ipod itself then skip around on that album via the cd player if u want. it doesn't show the song title on the radio. the radio shows like your using a cd changer: disc 1 song 2 or whatever. that's the only downside i've found.

    all u gotta do is splice it into your radio's wiring harness for power and ground. if u buy from crutchfield u probably won't even have to splice, the rest is plug & play. for a 03-06 GM this should be the same:

    - set the dip switches on the peripheral ipod adapter box. 1, 3, & 8 should be switched on, the rest should be switched off (on is down, off is up)

    - disconnect the negative (black cable from your battery), if u don't you'll probably **** something up.

    - carefully pop off the dash surround, taking care not to damage your hazard light button

    - (3) 8mm (if i remember correctly) hex screws hold the cd player in the dash, remove them and don't lose 'em

    - the yellow power wire from the ipod adapter box gets wired to the thicker of the 2 orange wires (12v constant ignition wire) coming out the back of your CD player

    - the black wire on the ipod adapter box gets wired to the black wire with a white stripe on it coming out the back of the factory cd player

    - plug in the vehicle specific harness

    - plug in the ipod cable to the peripheral ipod adapter

    - route the ipod cable as you see fit, i popped the square piece out next to my passenger airbag on/off switch rather than drilling any holes

    - make sure all connections are snug and isolated to avoid any feedback or electrical whine/hum. soldered and taped is the preferred method, however crimp connectors or twisting wires together will work if you ensure there is no chance of them coming loose & tape them well.

    - now pull on both ends of the 2 splices you made and make sure they don't come unplugged!

    - technically you should fuse the splice between the yellow and orange wires, but i didn't...

    - put the negative (black cable) back on your battery, and be sure everything works

    - use 3M double stick tape to mount the adapter box, i mounted mine above and to the left (steering wheel side) of the cd player.
    * be sure your adapter box isn't touching your cd player to avoid any feedback or electrical whine/hum

    - reinstall the cd player, pop the dash surround back on (carefully!), enjoy your tunes

    Here's a pic of the kit:


    the kit comes with the old style ipod cable plug, but the guy i bought mine from subbed the new cable for no extra charge. it was $99.95 to my door!
    crutchfield wanted like $150 + like $25 more for the updated cable + shipping/handling

    if i get around to it i'll post a pic of my install...
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    Nice write up! Ill have too look into that since my 03 has the same cd/aux button.
  3. pontiacGTP123

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    nice write up
  4. Offshore24

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    I installed one of peripheral's systems in my '07 and it's working great. The only drawback is the lack of ability to scroll thru tunes. I can spin the dial and find one song at a time, but I can't scroll thru.
  5. vnslykrx

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    I have a '98 K1500, is it the same for me? I'd hate to fry my radio or something else.
  6. eric 71

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    Hey, nice write up
  7. vnslykrx

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    Compatibility Issues

    This setup will NOT work on 1995-1998 GM Vehicles with built in CD player, except Corvette. That is what the website says, and I'm trusting it, because I'm not about to drop 100 bucks on something that won't work. If anyone else has 95-98 with built in CD player and it did work, please let me know.
  8. Jay

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    I just ordered this kit... I am glad that I read this because I have been using a piece of garbage FM transmitter. I'm pumped!
  9. leejack43

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    Jay, How did that Ipod connection work? I would like to buy one. Please let me know.
  10. Vincennes02261897

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    Very nice write-up!

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