How to install fog lamps?

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by elkosp16, Aug 2, 2010.

  1. elkosp16

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    02 silverado. I'd like to have fog lamps on my truck but unfortunately it doesn't have them so I'm shopping around to get some. I'd like to have the clean look from factory ones, that look like they are supposed to be there and everything looks good and right. What do i need to do to do this? And I'd like to have them turn on automatically when my headlights turn on.

    edit: I wanted to add that I was originally looking OEM or stock looking fog lights and smoking them and using 3k HID's. But then after searching google I found projector fog lights with a halo and they have yellow ones too, so i have to decide which ones I want.

    btw I wanted to add that I have HID 8k in my low beams and plan on getting projectors soon with dual halos and plan to put sylvania ultras in the high beams.

    I would really like to have no switch for the fog lights and just have them turn on with the headlights, and I would like both the fog lights and low beams to stay on when I turn the high beams on.
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  2. hundojoe

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    It will be really hard to wire up an extra set of lights without a seperate switch, all the factory light wiring and switches are too small to to run another set of lights, so its in your best intrest to run all new wires and a seperate switch. just my 2 cents. Good luck.
  3. hbfsbull

    hbfsbull Member

    I tried to piggy back a set of fog lights of my headlights and almost fried my wiring harness . run a seperate switch
  4. elkosp16

    elkosp16 Member

    Ok so if i run a seperate factory like switch the fog lamps are gonna turn off when the high beams come on correct?

    what about during the day when just the daytime running lights are on?

    now i'm really thinking about getting a high 4 headlight kit so the lows and highs stay on at the same time, will the fog lamps stay on when i turn the high beams on if i get a high 4 headlight kit?
  5. marty6464

    marty6464 Member

    if u run the wires right off the battery, and make a seperate switch you can turn your fogs on and off indepentently, at least thats how im gonna do it. hard wire right off the battery. then run a toggle switch in the floor or cut a tiny hole in the under part of the dash to hide it. thats how i have dont it in the past

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