How To: Installing adhesive-backed accessories.

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    Replaced the wind visors on the Suburban this week and thought I'd give the basic tips to doing adhesive-backed accessories like moulding, badges, visors, etc..

    Very basic, very simple:

    1. Wash the car and especially the area that will get the adhesive. Skip the wax!
    2. Do a trial fit of the part first to make sure you have the right one, you know where it will go, the orientation, etc. It's like the "measure twice; cut once" rule.
    3. Right before the install clean the area well with alcohol wipes. (3M makes pads especially for this purpose, pick a few up while you're at the auto parts store and have some in your tool box for times like this!) Remember your Karate Kid movie... Wax on / wax off / wax on / wax off ... only in this instance you will have the cleaner in one hand and a CLEAN DRY CLOTH in other. Wipe the area clean and then dry off as soon as you've done so.
    4. On the part itself, lift up about an inch of backing from the adhesive strip and fold it at a 90 degree angle so it sticks out from under the part. Place it where it will go and press down on the tacky bit that's been exposed. With one hand holding the part in place, where you want it, grab hold of the backing that's sticking out and peel it out from underneath. Press firmly to stick it in place, working from the middle out and then stand back to admire your work. (or get frustrated that with all that, you STILL put it on kind of crooked!)

    The initial fitting with the backing peeled back a little, visible by left hand.


    Holding it in place with one hand, the backing is peeled off and the part pressed on securely.

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    is it forgiving if you do it crooked?
    im not so good at lining things up straight..=(

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