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    So it's a video about how to put a billet aluminum case onto a phone. I get this. What I don't get is how the install pertains to our rucks. Can you shed some light on the intended application? Does it go in the dash or something?
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    :glasses: Morning Surreal...
    To answer your question,,,
    well first off my phone is a tool, I don't mean as in a slang way,,, a disliked thing, well maybe somedays i dislike it ,
    but it's a tool, that i use daily and has a function, or many functions for me....

    In the past three years alone I have driven over, drop, oil bathed, and literally trashed at least 5 phones while working... and since I do most of my mechanical work on trucks and tractor,etc, and my hobbies are working on trucks, playing in the shop, and hanging out on GMTC on rainy days, my phone is a big part of what i do, its like my impact driver or my torque wrench...

    Now I found the MEEMOJO case, it looked cool, sounded cool, so i wanted to be cool, and I bought one, two to be exact.
    They are made here in Canada by the Ultimate Truck Gear, ltd,,,,, Another top quality shop and supplier for after market parts for all trucks..

    Now,, you know i like to pick on the Dodges and there is this video of this MEEMOJO being tossed, dropped, Run over by a duramax and a dodge.... And I wanted to share this with you all....

    Now the video is just an experiment, using different features of this program, on how to make,,, HOW TO VIDEO"S,,, for this sight and others,,,

    So I am not sure if this answers your Question as to what it has to do with rucks(trucks) and yes I think you could have the folk's at Ultimate Truck Gear ltd, make you a dash mount bracket,,, or any other custom piece needed or imaged,,, for any truck, if you were willing to pay.......
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    Thanks, that gives some context.

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