How to modify my Silverado 2wd?

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by 2010SilverTE, Nov 20, 2010.

  1. 2010SilverTE

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    I'm new to modifying a truck, so I wanted to know if you have any advice on how to lift my truck so I can put on some bigger tires but I would like it mainly for the rough rugged look and daily driving since I really have no off road needs for a 2WD. Also whats the most economic way to do this without breaking the bank and changing soo much of the truck? Thanks!
  2. Scooter

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    Hey I have a 2wd silverado and I just spent about $600 on a lift that's about the same your looking for. Something for that bigger look. What I got was a 2in lvling kit with a 3in spindle up front and 2in blocks in the back and it gave it that nice height. I'm running 33s bfg km2 murders on it. Some may say its not the best but I love it. And for the price its great. I'm in So Cal. So depending where you are it might even be cheaper. I'll have pics of it up in a day or so. So you can look for yourself...hope that helps .
  3. Bigbomber

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    I put BILSTEIN levelling shocks on my truck which raised the front end 2".My next move will be 33" rubber next spring.Welcome to the club!
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