how to nix drls?

Discussion in 'Lighting Discussion' started by craigman45, Mar 30, 2014.

  1. craigman45

    craigman45 Member

    I have a 97 suburban and dont want my headlights on all the time .Is there anyway to disable the drl function without causing harm to the system?
  2. Pikey

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    there are a few ways. you can press the dome overide button 4 times, it should shut them off, but you have to do this every time you get in. You can pull the fuse (#15 in think), the green light will still be on the dash. You could push the parking brake pedal down one click. But then the brake light will be on the dash at the same time. you can also just pull the relay from under hood. Or you can pull the diode, (found this in the comments of the video I posted below) there's a fuse box under the hood on the driver's side. Open that, and remove the diode (which is conveniently labeled "DRL").The diode is black and it's the same shape and size as all the fuses, but it has the schematic symbol for a diode on it which is a darkened triangle pointing at a vertical line To get rid of of them and the green light you can do this
  3. craigman45

    craigman45 Member

    OK, So I didnt know I had a green light that tells me the DRLs are on .so I checked and mine doesnt light up,then I pulled the diode from under the hood.My schematic shows two diodes,my burban only has one. pulled it and the lights still came on.replaced it and tried pulling the #15 fuse in cab. viola! No DRLs.I dont have fog lights so thats all good thank you for your help.....
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    Rock and roll. Love it when people get the help they need.
  5. McClintoc

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    I'm a bit late to this thread but pulling the fuse was the only thing that came to my mind. Glad it worked out OK for you, [MENTION=67032]craigman45[/MENTION]. Thank you for letting us know what worked!

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