how to put a trailer brake controller in my suburban

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by GM_GURL, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. GM_GURL

    GM_GURL New Member

    Any one done this on their suburban?

    Edit ... forgot to say I have a 1996 model
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  2. dwill3015

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    Have you purchased a brake controller yet? If not, there are a few out there that are easier to install than others. I installed a Prodigy controller in my Silverado that was just plug and play because you can get a wiring harness made for your application. Just plug one end into the back of the controller and the other end to the trailer wiring panel that's usually on the drivers side floor up in the corner to the left of the brake pedal. GM usually provides a harness with vehicles that have a tow package but you still have to splice the wires to another plug or wires coming out of some brake controllers.
  3. GM_GURL

    GM_GURL New Member

    Prodigy huh? I havent bought one yet but I need too. I want to get a trailer and a car to race so I will quit messin up my Suburban by hammering on it....
  4. Crawdaddy

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    It isn't terribly difficult, I did my own with the help of my grandfather. The hardest part was to try to figure out why I was blowing the turn signal/backup fuse. Then I fealized that I had accidentally grounded the backup lights line to ground. My Suburban has a 4-way flat connector at the back of the truck next to the hitch up at the floorpan. It's your normal 3 connections plus the reverse signal lights where the ground typically is. I plugged my 4 to 7 way converter directly into that connector without thinking twice... Other than that, it was relativley straightforward with running the brake and power lines to the back, tapping into the brake switch line...
  5. Kaedenman

    Kaedenman New Member

    I need to transfer my prodigy from my Titan to my 2008 Burb 2500. What harness do I need from Prodigy?

    3015 - (2003-Current) GM Brake Control Wiring Harness

    3015-P - (2003-Current) GM Brake Control Wiring Harness (Clam Shell)

    I don't know what the difference is with the above...Anyone help?
  6. sam5828

    sam5828 Member

    not sure on 2008 yet havent looked but if it is like 2007 models there is no plug you have to hard wire it

    here is the directions (unavailable)

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  7. dwill3015

    dwill3015 Epic Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 1000 Posts

    WOW! That's rather complicated. Mine was the easiest I have done. I have one hardwired in my 87 Blazer and used the factory pigtail for my 2001 Suburban, but the prodigy was the easiest with it being "plug and play".
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  8. Kaedenman

    Kaedenman New Member


    Instructions worked great! Put my laptop in the garage and finished everything in under2 hours! Better than paying a garage the $150 they wanted!

    Thanks for the instructions!

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  9. jackthedog

    jackthedog New Member

    Thanks so much

    I registered just to thank you so much for the instructions on installing a brake control on a 2008 suburban.
    I would not have been able to complete the installation with out the information you made available.

    I still can't believe it. Pictures and instructions that were perfect. Thanks
  10. spotts

    spotts New Member

    1999 Suburban brake contol

    Any one done this on their suburban?

    Edit ... forgot to say I have a 1999 model[/quote]

    I am wiring in a Activator 2 controller

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