How to Remove Door Panel on an '05 Silverado

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    I just finished removing and reinstalling my driver's side door panel on my truck. It took me forever to figure everything out, so I thought I would share my new found knowledge. Unfortunately, I was here by myself, so I didn't have enough hands to take pictures of the progress. I just took one picture and labeled the items I'm describing. Hopefully that will be enough. I have power windows, locks, and mirrors, so I'm not sure how it would be different for the models with manual controls.

    Note: The first 7 steps do not have to be performed in any particular order.


    1. Remove the triangular shaped panel behind the side-view mirror (A). It is held in place by two clips, so just gently pull it back, work your fingers under the panel, and pull firmly. Be careful not to break it.

    2. Pry off the door lock cover (B) with a flathead screw driver or other flat object then remove the screw behind it.

    3. Remove the plastic plug in the middle of the hinge side of the panel (C). These can be a pain. I had a cheap, plastic putty knife that I cut a groove out of the middle to make a pry tool. It worked well. If you don't have a puller for these, just work around it slowly pulling it out.

    4. Remove the screw hiding behind the door pull/arm rest on the left side (D). I used a 7mm bit driver, but I think a 9/32" will work too.

    5. Remove the cap in the middle of the latch side of the panel (E) to reveal a torx head screw and remove that(used a T20 size bit).

    6. Pry off the trim piece around the door handle (F). It comes off fairly easily.

    7. Remove the screw in the middle of the bottom of the panel (G). This is another 7mm screw and holds in the storage container (H), which can now be removed (just pull it out).

    8. Being careful of the wires attached to the panel, lift and pull it slightly away from the door. Remove the wire and bulb from the light in the bottom corner of the panel (I). When I did this , I pulled at an angle and the bulb popped off of the end of the plug. It was a pain to fish back out of the light housing, so pull lightly and straight out and the bulb should come with it.

    9. Now you have a choice. You can reach behind the door panel under the power door, window, and mirror control panel (J) and unplug the wires blindly. This may or may not be possible if you haven't seen how they're plugged in to begin with because some of them are tricky to release. The other option is to get down and look on the under side of the control panel (on the back side of the door panel) and remove the screw (another 7mm) that holds it in place. You can then pull the control panel out from the door panel (it is still held in place by a clip on the bottom side) and look at the wires to unplug them.

    After all of that, your door panel should now be free. Now you can replace your speaker or whatever it is you needed to do. It sure was a pain the first time, but now that I've done it once, it won't take nearly as long the next time. The reason I went into detail with the power door, window, and mirror control panel is because I read in my Haynes manual that it was held in place by two clips and pulls right out. I found out the hard way, there was a freakin screw on one side! I ended up tearing it out. Whoops. I didn't damage things that badly though, and I can still replace the screw.

    I hope this will help someone!

    ***Note: My truck came with tweeters in the front doors, which also had a plug that had to be removed before the door panel was free.
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  2. onelove

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    This most definitely helps me. I'm replacing my door handles with chrome & I'm going to try to have it done when my husband comes home in a week.

    I replaced the window on my toyota camry by myself so I'm hoping I can do this one as well!

    Thanks for the info!
  3. MWright936

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    Glad I could help!
  4. onelove

    onelove Rockstar

    Yes this helped so much!

    There was the tricky hidden screw that I couldn't figure out until I re-read your guide.

    I got all four of my door panels off & back on with success.

  5. bzboardco

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    That is a great tutorial!
  6. iamtheparagon

    iamtheparagon New Member

    I'm so glad you did this for us. I have a Silverado now and I am putting new speakers in my fronts and rears so I am glad you did this. Any idea when you're going to do the rear door in an extended cab if that's what you have?

    Nevermind, just saw your info in your sig and you have a crew cab :(
  7. iamtheparagon

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    Ok I'm having some troubles.There anyone that can add some pictures? Or a little tiny bit more info on how to take some out..
    I'm havign a bitch of a time trying to take off the controls. The back came up fairly easy but the front (side mirror switch) doesn't want to let go. Might have just over read something you said.

    Update: 9/32" does indeed work. Closest I had was a 6mm, so I had to deal with a 9/32 and it worked perfectly.

    I got them all of and out safely except the Torx Head Screw. Gotta find someone that has one. Or go to the store tonight and buy some damn tools. Since I've been wanting tools for years.
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  8. redkaz04

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    advice to anyone that has an 07 or newer is: do not pull the door panel away from the frame of the door until you disconnect the cable to the locking mechanism. If you pull it as far as it will extend to view th lock, you will have forever ruined your door lock. Only pull the panel about three inches from the door frame before disonnecting the lock. PM me if you have any other questions about an 07 or newer speaker install.
  9. jmgraves2468

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    Just an FYI on a 2004 Silverado 2500HD CrewCab (like we have) . . .

    The Plastic Plugs (Items 'C' & 'E') are not present.

    This was an excellent and most helpful post!

    New chevy parts
  10. shel

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    Excellent directions! Generally door panels are a pain in the $%@. I fixed my problem (on my 2006 diesel dually) in 5 minutes with your help. THANKS!

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