How To Replace Front Disc Brakes

Discussion in 'How-to Guides' started by Pikey, May 4, 2012.

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    This is a good addition to the How-To section. Props to you, Pikey.

    BIGREDDADDY53 Epic Member 5+ Years 100 Posts

    I did the job but I now have a woonle worse when I drive faster

    BIGREDDADDY53 Epic Member 5+ Years 100 Posts

    Sorry for the typing errors,(I must learn one day) I meant wobble and Pikey was right I forgot a washer on the rotor and it's all good. Pikey's pic's and step by step made all the diff and the job possible. Thanks
  4. T-bone

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    Nicely done. is there a link to your previous thread (looking could not find). I need to replace front and read pads + rotors

    are the rears much different? (E-brake issues ...)

  5. Pikey

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    What previous thread are you looking for? The one before this was just someone asking for a how to for front brakes. The rears are not much different. The major difference for the disc brakes are that there is a bolt holding the calipers in place. Then the "slide pin" goes into the caliper mounting bracket. You can pull those out of the caliper bracket and clean them. The parking break shoes are not hard to do at all. After you remove the rear caliper mount bracket, you would pull the drum/rotor off. If it has not been done before there should be a locking washer on one of the wheel studs holding the drum/rotor in place. You can grab a tab on the washer with a pair of side cutters and pull it off. The only thing that hold the parking break shoes in place is a bolt (10mm I think) You pull that bolt and the little clip off and the shoe set comes right off. Clean up the area that the shoes ride on. You may have to screw the adjuster in when you put the new shoes on to give room for the rotor to slide back on.
  6. T-bone

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    Sorry when I read this

    I assumed you had a previous thread/write up

    Thanks for the clarification I have 4 wheel disks on the truck but figured like most cars they would have a different configuration. Looks simple compared to my Mini just way way bigger :) Thank you for the tips here greatly appreciated. Will start with the fronts (I can feel the warp when brakes are applied) so I am hoping that solves my issues. if not its off the rear of the car


    PS I have a 2001 suburban LS (1500) assuming the brake will be similar identical

    Found this on you tube looks a little too easy
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  7. Pikey

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    Nope, it is that easy. I did not see anything about cleaning and lubing the pins
  8. T-bone

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    Hi Again.
    one more questions if you do not mind

    1) did you use loctite (red) on reinstalling the caliper mounting bolts?

    (read this on the auto zone site and found this for other references)
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  9. Pikey

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    The torques heads are a T55 size. I would never put red loctite on anything that I wanted to get apart again. If you insist on using it only use the blue. Red requires heat to get apart.
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  10. T-bone

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    Thank you that is what I figured. Not a fan of loctite red or blue os if its safe I cool without using it. (what's the worst that can happen ;) )

    thanks and I apologize for missing the T55 size between the peeksures

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