How to Replace Steering Wheel Controls

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  1. jasonnewyork

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    Can anyone tell me how to remove the radio controls in the steering wheel? One of them broke and I ordered a replacement. I searched this forum and the web but couldn't find any information.

    I can see from the back of the new one that it's held in with pressure clips. Do I pry it out from the top or should I take the aibag module out and push it out from the bottom? I don't want to damage the rubber steering wheel.

    Any help appreciated.
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  2. BigBlueLB756

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    To do it right, you'll need to remove the airbag, the torqs screws holding the horn plate to the wheel , and the right side trim piece to get to the redundant radio contri\ol switches. The trim piece holds them in at the top. Be sure to pull the negative battery cable and the two under-hood fuses for the airbag so you won't have an inadvertent activation of a safety device.
  3. jasonnewyork

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    I was afraid of that - having to remove the airbag. If I disconnect the battery, then there is no chance of the airbag deploying? I would rather do the right way and not damage the steering wheel so looks like I have no choice.

    I have OnStar, my Haynes manual says I need to make sure RAP is off or my OnStar backup battery will kick in and eventually depleat. Is this true? I understand I have to shut the car off and open and close one door in order to stop RAP.
  4. jasonnewyork

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    I didn't get a chance to fix this weekend, ran out of time. I purchased a Haynes manual. They do not cover cruise control switch replacement, but they do describe how to remove the airbag.

    Looks like you have to insert two blunt objects (I guess screw drivers) into the holes on the left and right sides of the back of the steering wheel and this releases some clips and the airbag should pop out. Doesn't look too hard. One thing I noticed from the Haynes pictures, looks like the rubber spoke is solid. If that's the case, then no point removing the airbag.

    Has anyone actually done this repair on an Equinox? I would like to hear form you.

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