How To Restore Finish On Aluminum Wheel

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    Do to lack of experience with cleaning these wheels, I applied a Lysol brand cleaner to my two front aluminum rims. I was trying to do some pre-cleaning of brake dust before going to a car wash. The one side facing the morning sun is now stained and discolored. I assume these wheels have some type of factory applied clear coat or powder coat. Of course I am very upset with myself for doing something like this to a truck that I absolutely love. I am looking for any suggestions on either using a rubbing compound and buffing it out, or can I clean them, sand them with a fine Scotch Brite and refinish. Please Help if you can. Thanks. Cant wait for that first big nasty snowfall here in INdy, this is the first 4X4 I have ever owned.
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    This is probably one of the best products for cleaning and polishing wheels, I've used it on most of my vehicles for the last 15 years and always been happy with the results.
    I used it on my boat trailer wheels when we lived in Virginia Beach to help control corrosion caused by running the wheels in Salt Water every few days, it did a terrific job, Ihad to reapply every year due to the conditions but the wheels styed shiny with just a wipe of a cleaning rag and never had corrosion problems while I owned them.

    Zoops Seal polish

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