How to stop email from GMTC to your email account

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    From time to time I get people asking me to "remove me from your list", or to "stop sending me system emails", or even "please delete my account."

    I am happy to process these requests, but did you know that any user can self-manage if they want to get emails from the website, or who from?

    1) Click Settings on the top-right of your screen.,
    2) On the new page, search for My Account, in the left-column menu. Then click General Settings.
    3) Look for Messaging & Options in the body and you will see three check-boxes for receiving emails from this website.
    - UN-CHECK these boxes to STOP emails from coming to you.
    - UN-CHECK Receive Email from Administrators to stop all system messages.

    Messaging & Notification

    • Receive Email from Administrators
    • Receive Email from Other Members
    • Receive Friendship Request Email
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    awesome...thanks phone gets flooded with emails around the 17th of every month...

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