How to switch to power brakes

Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by 454burb, Aug 16, 2009.

  1. 454burb

    454burb New Member

    Hi everyone I have a 1993 3/4 ton Suburban with what looks to be hydraulic brakes of some sort, but I want to switch it to power brakes but don't know where to start getting parts to do this if anyone knows of anything that can help please let me know. Thanks alot
  2. 2COR517

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    I cannot believe your Sub does not have power brakes. They might be Hydroboost, powered by the power steering pump. I've never owned a Hydroboost vehicle, but they are very popular and reliable.
  3. 454burb

    454burb New Member

    that is exactly what i have a wierd looking setup that is tied up with my power steering. Well my brake pedal is very spongey any idea how to fix that any help would be great
  4. azdrtdog

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    do a complete bleed first if you have done that.check rear adjusters make sure pads are making just a little drag noise on both sides.if no improvement then you'll have to start lookin towards the master or the abs module start with the small stuff work to the exspensive second. dont blame the boost the pedal will be rock hard if that goes
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  5. 69project

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    A hydraboost brake system is far superior to a power assist braking system. There is something wrong with your system.

    Bleeding them is a good first step. How long has it been since the pads and rotors were changed and the rear drums checked out? Might be time to check that as well.

    Another place to check are the brake hoses that go from the hard line to the calipers. If they are old they may be swelling under braking. Not a bad idea to change those as well if they are the original ones.

    You might also want to see if your power steering pump is dying as well.

    Something is causing you to not build up pressure. It is either air in the system or its leaking out somewhere.

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