How to tell if a Silverado has the Z71 package?

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    If you go to the Link below and Enter your Trucks Vin # will be able to see the Build Date of the Truck and What the Truck came with(Features)from the Factory,

    It will show you everything from what Engine...Trans...Gears to the Color of the interior.....and what Z71 Package the Truck has....the Z71 Off-Road or the Z71 Appearance Package.

    Along with showing you the feature, it will show you the RPO Code for that Feature,

    the RPO Code for the 5.3 liter in my Truck is LM7 and for the 4L60e Transmission the RPO Code is....M30.

    EDIT:.....Update on Compnine's Web Site.....they are No longer in Business....they Closed their Door's.

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    I renamed this title so people can search for and understand what it is easier.
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    Hey guys,

    Sorry to but into this thread with another question, but here goes:

    I used to have a 2000 Silverado with the Z-71 package and that skid plate saved my behind MANY times!!! I just bought a 2003 2500HD Diesel that is not the Z-71 package and am wondering if I can get a skid plate for it? Any help is appreciated. Below are the specifics.

    2003 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD
    6.6 L V8 Duramax Turbo Diesel w/ Alison 5-Speed Automatic
    4x4 LS Crew Cab
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    After reading this threat I was wondering the same thing... The owners manuel doesn't say z71 on it but in the glove box it does say it and then I found the original description paper in the truck.. Its a 2007 silverado 1500 4wd reg cab lt1. It has the lt1 convenience package and the HD trailering equiptment locking read diff. off road suspension package: Skid plates. Vortec 5.3l v8 p265/70r17 oor wol tires gvw rating - 6400 lbs rear acle - 3.73 ratio... Nowhere on here says z71 but my truck says it and so does my glove box. Is it a true z or a ( Just for poking fun ) a imitation look a like?

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    If the original description(window sticker) you found says off road suspension package, then it is definitely a true z71 truck. It's not going to say z71 on the window sticker. You typically see z71s in a LT model truck(here in georgia with the all star edition package, basically the regional value pckg) that gives you HD towing pckg, dual climate control, bluetooth, power seat, 5.3l w/ 6 speed auto transmission. with the offroad suspension package.

    I just logged into my GM account to configure and build a custom order 2012 truck and here was my option to make it a z71

    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Suspension Package, Off-Road includes 1.81" (46 mm) shocks, off-road jounce bumpers, 36mm front stabilizer bar, (NZZ) Skid Plate Package, (V76) recovery hooks, (K47) air cleaner and Z71 decals on rear quarters - Z71[/FONT]

    You won't see all that info on the window sticker though.

    Also the owners manuals are generally wide spread across all chevy trucks. Its not going to have that label.
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    The 2011 Z71 actually does not come standard with red & white Rancho shocks. It comes standard with gas filled 46mm shocks, the shock tubes are black in color, and they look just like the standard 36mm oil shocks on the non-Z71 trucks, despite having different internal parts. The Z71 Appearance package upgrade (trucks with painted grille, mirror caps and door handles) come with the Rancho shock upgrade.
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    just have the dealer run the VIN
    You'll get a build sheet

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