How to tell if it's a 4L80e

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by zuper8, Sep 3, 2009.

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    I know my burb has it. but this question is for my sister. She knows nothing about cars, but she needs a truck and is looking at a lot of older Chevys. I've been told that the 4L60 had a lot of problems and should be avoided, especially since she'll be doing a lot of towing. She's looking at a 95 Sierra 5.7 right now- I told her to check for those numbers on the door sticker, and then to crawl under the engine area and look up to see if there's a big silver pan with "4L80" on it. She says she sees nothing like that. Now she's really unfamiliar with cars, so she may just not really understand what she's looking at (been there). Did they ever stop stamping it on the pans? Is it anywhere else on the truck? I can't tell her to just look at the casing or wiring, she wouldn't know the difference.

    And, side question, is the 4L60 really all that bad? I've heard that from several mechanics, including one that worked at a couple different Chevy dealers, but I don't know much they really know- they're just acquiantances.
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    I don't think they stamp anymore but the bolts on the pan are different and I think that is how you tell. I think the 4l80e would be better for towing, but don't know if the 4l60e is a bad tranny or not. I will see if i can find the different patterns on the pan
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    Most 1500 trucks came with the 4L60. The 2500s came with the 4L80. You can tell the difference by counting the pan bolts. The 60 has 16 pan bolts and the 80 has 17.

    The 4L60E transmission is not a bad transmission and will last as long as it's serviced regularly. Make sure you buy a a truck with the tow package as it has an auxiliary cooler and a bigger radiator. If you are going to do a lot of towing a 2500 would be a good choice because it not only has a stronger trans but bigger brakes as well.

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    X2 on the 4L60e Not a Bad Transmission.I've Towed a Boat for 10 years w/the 4L60e and Not 1 Problem.
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    60s are pretty good. since most trucks have them. Theyre weak for racing :(
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    the 60 is a good tranny just have to treat her right

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