How To: Test TBI Distributor Signal/Injector Pulse

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    Symptom: TBI has no injector pulse; distributor test

    Requires: Test Light with probe/clip.

    Unhook the 4 pin harness from the back of the distributor.
    Attach the clip of your test light to 12V Positive.
    Turn on the Ignition.
    Tap the purple/white wire on the 4 pin dist harness (IC Reference High) with the test light probe; it should create a test signal and fire the injectors.

    If this test is successful, reattach and try cranking. If still no injector pulse, check power feed to the distributor; if power feed is good, ignition module in distributor is bad.
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    My problem is similar to this post, perhaps you can help me? My car, C4 from 84, will crank but not fire up the injectors when cranking. I can start it with start spray or fuel being poured into the intake. It will keep running then and fine unitll switched off. Also able to drive then. But whenever the ignition key is switched to the off position.. No fuel from injectors when cranking again. I have checked the wire coming from the ignition (purple white) with the probe light like mentioned in your post.. No spray then.. Any other things for me to check? I am hopeless...
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    Bump. Any chance we can get a sticky on this post? Every time I get on here, I see someone else with this problem, who apparently hasn't seen this post about testing.

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