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how to up my MPG

Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by Andy_Panda, Feb 11, 2013.

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  1. phoebeisis

    phoebeisis Active Member 1000 Posts 100 Posts

    Additives will only improve mpg if you have really really gummed up injectors plugs etc
    Now a days that is rare.
    Normally additives that make MPG claims- just add money to the pocket of whoever sells them
    UNLESS you have a really gummed up motor
    A 2001 getting 18 or 20 mpg-in actual city driving?
    Now they can sure get 20-21-22 mpg at 60-65 mph on the highway
    and the 2008 or so can get an honest 23-maybe 24 mpg hy at 60-65 mph pure hy.
    My ancient 1998 Suburban gets 20-21 hy at 60-62 mph pure hy-cruise control etc
    No way could it get 18- or 20 mpg in actual city driving-maybe 15-16 if I P&G
    The 2001 is rated 13/16 I think-
    I could see 20 mpg in suburban driving 45 mph speed limits-not many lights-yeah
  2. Parkrat

    Parkrat New Member

    My motors not gummed up and yes 20.4 miles per us gallon in city only, this additive is fairly new, it like techron only better and its designed to break down gasoline molecules so they burn better, i used it in my 89 tracker for 3 years now and it went from 28 mpg to 34 mpg in city.
  3. dobey

    dobey Member 100 Posts

    What additive? The only way I see getting that good gas mileage in the city only, is if you only ever use the brake pedal and never touch the gas. Or your city is all highways only and you never have to stop, allowing you to cruise at 55-60 MPH the whole time. Your math must be wrong. Fuel cleaners/additives don't give a 25-30% increase in MPG.
  4. Parkrat

    Parkrat New Member

    My math is right, now there is one additive that does give a mpg increase, i know a lot of people that use it and the ones that alwase have there foot in it get a 10-15% gain and those of us that drive for mpg get 20-30% gains, my weekend drive speeds are 50-80 kmph with stop lights, the additive is EFS, made in the usa but mainly sold in canada so far. http://www.ecofuelsaver.com/index.html
  5. phoebeisis

    phoebeisis Active Member 1000 Posts 100 Posts

    There have always been aftermarket MPG additives-they all do more or less the same thing-
    transfer money from buyers pockets to their pockets
  6. Parkrat

    Parkrat New Member

    Sum people can't add, sum people never learn, sums that up.
  7. dobey

    dobey Member 100 Posts

    "Made in the USA" ? They don't even have a US address on their contact form. It's a company based in the British Virgin Islands, and their North American sales/distribution is based in the province of Alberta in Canada.

    The MSDS for the product shows that it is 65% Ethanol, and 25% benzyl alcohol, with 10% undisclosed other stuff. According to other information in the MSDS, that 10% other stuff is very probably petroleum for the most part. Ethanol contains less energy than gasoline, and is probably already present in the fuel anyway. Adding more isn't going to increase MPG. Rather, it would decrease it. They also make some rather ludicrous claims about emissions on their web site, stating a reduction in HC, NOx, and CO by up to 100%. There's a pretty amazing feat for a chemical which results in those things being produced, when it is combusted. The information on that site is quite unscientific, and woefully inaccurate in many cases.
  8. phoebeisis

    phoebeisis Active Member 1000 Posts 100 Posts

    good pun -
    but no sale
  9. Parkrat

    Parkrat New Member

    Andy wanted to know how to get better mileage so i told him, maybe one of the pecker heads can do better? if not quit bitchen like a little girl and move on.

    - - - Updated - - -

    And further more LOOK at the bottle it says MADE IN USA.
  10. dobey

    dobey Member 100 Posts

    Sorry, I'm not going to drive to Canada to buy a $5.00 bottle of ethanol and benzyl alcohol mixed together, to look for a label. I have the web site, and the web site is full of non-information, including nothing about where the product is made. What it does say, is that the company that "makes' the product, is not at all in the USA. Not that it matters where the product is made.

    And there's no need for you to "bitch like a little girl" because people refuse to view your arbitrary opinion as fact. Being rude and calling people names, because they don't take some statement of yours as fact, is not helpful to the thread, or to your opinion.

    The OP asked for proven ways to increase MPG. That "eco fuel saver" additive is not at all proven. In fact, additives like it have been consistently proven to not provide any advantage over a factory system with pump gas. If it did work, every gasoline producing company in the country would be mixing it in their gas, and advertising the crap out of it, to get people to buy gas at their pumps instead of at the competitors. They'd make even more money if they did.

    Heck, the thread is 6 months old the OP hasn't posted on it since marksoldtowne decided to bring it back from the dead for some reason, the other day.
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