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  1. EagleTalons

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    First of all click on this link

    I will be using a Scottsdale C20 4bbl 5.7L as an example

    1. Select the year. (1976)

    2. Select the make. (Chevrolet)

    3. Select the model. (C20 3/4 ton P/U 2WD)

    4. Select the engine. (8 cylinders L 5.7L 4BL)

    It has vast guides to procedures. It also has a specifications sections and a components section. Much like expensive books all compiled into free access database!
  2. retired2001

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    Looks like a valuable resource, especially for the person who doesn't have a lot of experience.
  3. sdavis2702

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    Good stuff... I've been using their site for a while now I love it.
  4. Air Force One

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    Anyone tell me how many Liters a V-8 305 Chevy Engine is? At work at cant check..thanks
  5. 06Busa

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    A 305 is a 5.0.
  6. dwill3015

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    The 305 variant of the small-block Chevrolet had a displacement of 305 cu in (5 L) with a 3.736-inch (95 mm) bore and 3.48-inch (88.4 mm) stroke. The 262 was considered underpowered for use in vehicles with a wheelbase greater than 110 inches, so GM engineers decided to increase the bore diameter from 3.671 to 3.736 inches (93.2–94.9 mm) and increase the stroke from 3.10 to 3.48 inches (78.7–88.4 mm) (from the 350). Some performance enthusiasts have noted a marked resistance to performance upgrades on the 305 because of its small bore, poor selection of aftermarket cylinder heads, and the relatively high availability of 350 cu in (5.7 L) engines.

    Induction systems for the 305 included carburetors (both 2 and 4-barrel), throttle-body injection (TBI), tuned-port fuel injection (TPI), and sequential fuel injection (GM Vortec).

    After 1996, its usage was limited to light trucks and SUVs as the Vortec 5000.

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