How To Wash Engine?

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by ippielb, May 18, 2009.

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    Okay, i've decided my engine needs a bath, but I'm afraid of getting water into my alternator. Or, getting water into area's that it's not good to have water in. Engine is pretty dusty. And, I'm too lazy to go in there with a toothbrush and start scrubbing.
    Here's the picture from the car show... Only shined what i thought needed. It needs a good cleaning.
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    What you need to get yourself is somekind of all purpose cleaner. I myself use Adams All purpose Cleaner. You then get a brush to brush the engine with. After that you get a hose with a Wide Spray nozzle. then it is time to go to work. first you spray the engine down with the all purpose cleaner dont get as much on any electronics. then you scrub like you never srub before now make sure to use common sense and dont go lossening anything or knocking anything off. then after the srubbing is done then you want to take the apc to the underside of the hood to get that cleaned. After that you start the vehicle and start to spray the water lightly over the engine once the product is removed spray under the hood. then once you got the all purpose cleaner off then let the engine run till dry.

    But first watch these videos

    this video has the same engine you are trying to clean
  3. GaryL

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    I usuallly just take it to the car wash. I first spray the engine and compartment with the tire cleaner/engine degreaser setting and then rinse on the rinse setting. Since the rinse setting is high pressure, just be careful and don't get the nozzle to close to the components. It won't hurt the alternator to get wet, it lives in the elements already (you do drive in the rain don't you?).
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    I've washed a few vehicles for a the dealership my dad used to work for, so I learned their tricks of the trade on engine cleaning. I would use the engine cleaner they get - made by Valvoline or something (I think only dealerships and detail places can get that exact product) and spray it on. Let it sit for a while. Then, just rinse it off with a garden hose. You don't need a lot of pressure. In your case, a more heavy duty cleaner or degreaser might be better for the first cleaning. Make sure not to get any cleaner or detergent of any type on the insulating mat on the hood. If you do, be sure to rinse it out completely. It will rot it over time - I didn't know this before I washed dealer cars. And as long as you don't use high pressure, don't worry too much about electrical things. Try not too get too much cleaner on the electrical, and be careful if you choose to scrub by hand, but low pressure water won't hurt anything. Just leave the truck off when you wash the engine because you the only issues you could possibly have (and in very rare cases) are with circuits that are active - if its off then those are only the constant power circuits. I know this is long, but I think its a good method. Good luck with your cleaning and I hope this helps.
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    that looks pretty clean to me
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    I usually spray the engine down with the garden hose when it looks like it needs it. I usually have the engine off, and I spray it down before I wash the outside.
    When I need the heavy stuff, I use Beaver 722 (Purple Stuff). I don't know if it's available over the counter, I get it from work. It works great - no high pressure needed.
    My truck was pretty well taken care of before I got, but I did a little degreasing, and just try to keep up on it.
    You have a nice looking truck, get that hood up, man!

    Good luck,
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