How to wire in power windows on 96 chevy that didnt come with power windows

Discussion in 'GM Electrical Tech' started by Mike TattooMan Burton, Oct 28, 2011.

  1. Ok so this cold front came in last night and I need to get my window to roll up. This past monday I installed new doors with power windows and locks in my truck. The important part here was the new doors as mine were all messed up and wouldnt shut right. So now I have new doors and all but my drivers side window is stuck in the down position. My truck didnt come with power any thing so I am now needing to figure out how to get my drivers side window to roll up. I am thinkin this should be a pretty easy thing to wire up I just dont know what wires do what in these doors. The doors have power windows, locks and mirrors. All I need is to get my windows working. any help is appreciated its cold and my heater core is unhooked do to a leak.

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    What year did the doors come off of? I can take a look on Alldata and see it there's a color break down on the door wires. In a worst case scenario you can bolt in the manual driver door regulator to get you by for now. Probably quicker and easier to do that than run wiring to the door. Also, why did you change the doors for sagging? Probably just needed hinge pins ...
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    I'm in the process of doing the same thing, my doors had a bit of rust and I also wanted power. My son and I changed them out yesterday and replaced the DS window with my old window. Drilled a hole in the door pillar so the wires will fit with out binding. I have a wiring harness from a 91 and the doors are from a 97. My problem is the wires are faded and I know the door hot is pink and the harnesses hot is yellow ( I think), the guy I got the doors from cut the door wires so I have the plugs for the harness. It would have been so simple had the plugs fit from one to the other. has some wiring wiring schamatics but not for 91. Anyone know what color on the harness is hot? I should post this as a forum question too. Good luck on your project

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