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Discussion in 'Sports & Outdoors' started by Sam_A, Dec 11, 2010.

  1. Sam_A

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    I think tonight's events were too funny not to share:

    So one of my best friends and I decided get a hunt in this evening. I was at a stand with my bow where deer have been passing frequently. We have a pond at one of the ends of our land and none of us had been across it yet. We just got a boat down to the camp this week so we can go across and hunt our land there. My friend decided to go there with his 4570 (and for some unknown reason, only 2 rounds).

    About 45 minutes into the hunt I hear 2 shots within about 5-10 seconds of each other. At first I wasn't sure if I should be excited (my friend might have been the one who shot) or angry if somebody else was hunting our land. I soon recieve a call from my buddy that they were both his shots and he MISSED both times!!! To make things funnier, he and I received awards this morning for shooting "experts" (40 out of 40 targets) while deployed this past year! :rofl:
    He said that the doe never flinched or moved and both shots went over her back (even after he adjusted after the first miss). He called my about 5 minutes later and said that the doe was still standing there and he heard some more deer coming into the area (but he was out of ammo, LOL). About 10 minutes later he calls me and tells me to meet him at the pond. He was going to take me to his spot so that I can try and get them with my bow.

    I met him at the pond, we loaded the boat up and left for our 50yd journey across the pond. We only had 1 short paddle to propel us through the water (and we were sitting on the high fishing chairs - BAD COMBO!!!). About 6 feet into the journy we started taking on water from the rocking we were causing trying to row with the short paddle. I immediately jumped out into the water (knee deep in cold, snake infested water) to keep us from completely sinking. We decided that I'll go over alone since he couldn't do anything. So I start back on my journey and after another 6 feet I feel the back end dip down and before I know it I'm in the pond almost chest deep and the boat is completely under water. About this time I also remember that my iPhone is in my pocket! :gasp::rofl:

    The fate of the phone is still to be determined, but it was one funny disaster!
  2. murdog94

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    Murphys law was in FULL effect today for you!! HAHA...
    As to the shooting i have seen many a person who could shoot and M4 or M16 on the range but once out in the woods they start shaking and miss really bad once that deer pops out. Ive been guilty once or twice but usually had more than two Rounds with me.... Also mabey he didnt sight it in near as well as he should have which i have also seen....
    Oh well there is always tomorrow.
  3. Sam_A

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    He just got this rifle last week and I agree with you, I don't think it was sighted as good as it could have. He also said the stand was shaking a bit, but I'm gonna give him a hard time regardless, lol.
  4. Vincennes02261897

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    Haha... That's a great story. Thanks for sharing. So, yet again, the moral of the story is: BE PREPARED. In this case, have your rifle sited in, have more than 2 rounds, make sure the boat is in reasonable condition, and have a decent paddle.

    I love it.
  5. Als09Sierra

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    I wonder if the deer is still there. Great story, thanks for sharing.

    DAREDEVIL Rockstar 4 Years 1000 Posts

    DID he shot at the boat ...or why did it sink so fast and what was the outcome..did u go and see the deer...( i bet it was out of wood ) or ????

    COME ON COME ON..DO TELL the rest !!!!! LMAO
  7. Sam_A

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    Sorry for the late reply. Haven't been on in a few weeks.

    He didn't shoot the boat. The two of us were just too heavy for the boat and I was leaning too far over to get the short paddle in the water, lol.

    *** The Conclusion ***

    So after I got out of the water and gave my friend my "fried" iPhonem I decided (don't know what in the world made me think this would be a good idea, lol) that I will just wade through the water and still go hunting. By the time I made it to the other side I was so mad about the phone and had all but forgotten where my friend told me to go. All I remembered was go a little ways on top of the ridge, turn left, and there would be a stand some where overlooking the low ground. I walk up the road that goes up on top of the ridge which conveniently turned to the left about 100yds from the pond. I walked about another 100 yards and found the perfect hunting spot on my right. It mostly hardwoods, had an old tree stand, no brush to hinder my shot, and it had a creek running at the bottom. This spot made the whole incident worth it. If I was going to kill a deer that night, this was the perfect spot.

    So I'm leaning up against a tree (the stand looked too old and unstable to climb up) and I start looking around. This is our first year at this land and the first time we had gone across the pond so I had never seen our boundry before, but knew I was close to it. As I'm looking around I start noticing trash around the hill that I knew was not ours. I soon realized I was no longer in our land, but our neighbors land, lol, but not a big deal... if the land here was this nice, it would be just as good on the other side of the road; right? WRONG! I went across the road I had come up where I knew it was definately our land (not even 50 yards from where I had just been) and I couldn't stretch my arm out without hiting a dozen thorned vines! I walked further down the ridge hoping it would open up only to have to climb back up the ridge through all of those thorns. By this time I was too mad the keep hunting so I decided to go back to the camp. I later found out that I had overshot my target area by about 300 yards, LOL. Luckily I had forgotten a change of clothes the week before so I was able to get out of the wet clothes and go home dry..

    My iPhone did not show any signs of life the next day so I went and bought the iPhone 4. By the next weekend I decided to try and charge the old iPhone one more time and it turned on, with no signs of damage what-so-ever.

    My only regret was that we didn't have a video camera to record the boat incident!

    As hilarious as this story is, I hope it doesn't happen to anybody, and if it does... get it on VIDEO! LOL.

    Happy hunting everyone...

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