Husky 22gal upright compressor - is this an issue?

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    I have a 22 gal upright air compressor I bought at a pawn shop a couple years ago and used it for small projects and it worked fine. A few months ago I enclosed a carport and framed up 2 walls and the compressor towards the end of day smelled hot and would only get to about 25-30 psi. Since then I left it parked in the new work room and kind of forgot about it.

    I got it out the other day since I decided to buy some paint, primer, and clear to repaint one of my truck mirrors that had some rock chips and peeling. Thats when I remembered that the compressor had acted up but decided to try worked fine...100 psi in the tank.

    I pulled the cover off and everything seems ok...the intake where its sucking in the air is also puffing out air. If i hold my hand in front of it i can feel the air on my hand. I didnt think it was suppose to puff air back out and if it does its a valve problem??

    I cant seem to find a owners manual online for this sucker so I am not sure what the cutoff valve is suppose to shut off at but I am guessing in the 100-125 psi range.

    If anyone could shed some light on this issue - thanks in advance!

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    With out the model number it is difficult but I found this link
    • A05051 - Husky Air Compressor Operator's Manual
    • D28752 - Husky Air Compressor Operator's Manual
    • D29616 - Husky Air Compressor Operator's Manual

    Husky Customer Support: 800-466-3337

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