Hybrid / Homebrewed / Mix-n-Match / OE / Ford Lift & Level for 96 K1500 Burb

Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by cmcolfax, Feb 7, 2014.

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    On my old F150 I ran F350 front coils and stock OE rear leafs to level it.

    Then went to a 2" spacer for the front and stock F250 leaf packs & block for a mild and level lift.

    Here is the setup I am thinking about for my 96 K1500 Burb.

    Truck actually sits a little arse low now (all stock, all OE except for shocks).

    Don't mind stiffening the rear ride a bit (it's a gawdamn TRUCK) and it will see some light towing duty (think 3500# pop-up camper).

    Plan is F150 keys in the front.

    And some flavor of full length AAL in the rear.

    Could I run OE 2500 leaf packs in the rear and get the same result?

    (Like on my Ford?)

    Or are the 1500 and 2500 completely different animals?

    Concern is I don't want to end up "nose high" if the F150 keys give me more than the AAL or the OE 2500 leaf packs.

    (Of course BUDGET may end up being the deciding factor... going with the F150 keys b/c I can get them for short $$... If OE 2500 leafs are stoopid expensive compared to a good, full-length A-A-L...)



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