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    Since getting my Hybrid Tahoe in February and joining GMTruckClub I have only popped in a few times for a quick look. I generally use vehicle forums when I'm looking for a solution to a problem. So far, I haven't had any problems with my Hybrid.

    Mine is a quasi-work vehicle. I build mobile communications vehicles for emergency response so my Tahoe is outfitted as a hybrid emergency vehicle demonstrator with a wireless router, on-the-move internet, four cameras, live streaming video from the vehicle while moving, 4 radios (2 - VHF, 2 - UHF), an Iridium satellite phone, and a radio "bridge" unit (JPS Communications ACU-1000) that can integrate the radios and sat phone together in different configurations. Mine is 4x4, so it's been interesting to see if the mileage lives up to expectations.

    The 4x4 is advertised as getting 20 mpg city, 20 mpg highway. The first few tanks around town were a little lower (I attribute that to engine - and driver - break-in) but it has crept up to the 20 mpg range around town with 3500 miles on the vehicle. I have to baby it to stay above 20 mpg - slow take-offs, stay at the speed limit.

    I have made one trip from Huntsville, Alabama to Orlando, Florida. I went 525 miles on the first tank (left Huntsville full, filled up in Gainsville, FL). With the cruise control on 75 mph I got 22 mpg going south, 22.5 mpg coming back north. Not too bad for a full-size SUV with a 6.0 V-8. I'm impressed with the fit and finish - I have to say it is quieter and has less rattles than my Lexus, and better fuel mileage than my 2005 Nissan Pathfinder (V-6) I gave up for the Tahoe. Hopefully my good experience so far continues!

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    Good looking truck and nice outfit in the back.

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