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Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by wolfie, May 2, 2009.

  1. wolfie

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    Hey guys/gals, I have a '00 silverado long bed that I'm looking to lay flat. My problem is I am unsure of whether hydraulics or bags would be the better choice as far as reliability and cost effectiveness. Can someone help me out with this matter.
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    I've done a couple of vehicles with Hydraulics and many with air, I prefer air.

    Air bag systems are cheaper to build than Hydraulic systems.
    Air bag systems weigh less than Hydraulic systems.
    Air bag systems are easier to repair if you have a minor leak or bad pump, and dont require bleeding the system for maintenance.
    If air bags do leak they arent messy like Hydraulics.
    Air bag system parts are easier to find.

    If your into competitive bouncing or jumping Hydraulic systems have fast reaction times and less rebound, but less rebound can cause more broken frames and major suspension parts.

    Both systems require pumps and either actuators (hydraulic) or bags (air), upgrades to the electrical charging system (air bags can be run with a larger amp alternator and no further mods, Hydraulics require a larger alternator and additional batteries), and supply lines. All Hydraulic systems require a resevoir tank, a tank isnt required for simple air bag systems.

    Air bags can be adjusted to ride better, Hydraulic systems always remain somewhat stiff.
  3. wolfie

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    thank you for the info. im still looking into the parts for both systems. and i have found that you are quite correct as far as price goes. though both are quite extensive as far as work, bags seem to be the route that i will take with my silverado.

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