i´m probleby wrecked

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  1. swedp

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    this is the very best site i found on net,inclouding specific chevy sites. we don´t always understand the differnr s in lingo but still,could it be we do not know eachother good enough? bad speelijng inclouding,!whoops ,chineess?? hehehe - anyway i like your sense of humor and and reality facts,i hope to be able come to your part of the world and you are sure welcome to mine/ the best to you / peter did travilling around for half a year at ´85
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  2. Pats1pab1

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    I had this website in my files for years, and would always refer to it when I had problems working on all the family trucks. I finally signed up and created an account at the end of last year. But the site is just not for working on your truck. You can find great news articles, things for sell, and a great games and humor section. As far as spelling goes, we all understand each other when it comes to being grease monkies...:lol: Plus it's nice to make friends all over the world!!
  3. swedp

    swedp Rockstar

    that´s exatly what i feel,and it is nice to make new friends and understanding outside garage envoirment as well.i use to type in some chevie issius and demand picture on google and there are an ocean of findings,and here at this site i find just gentle people of all ages.thatá great! peter
  4. murdog94

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    I have learned a lot of the common issues and saved myself and my friends a lot of money buy simple repairs that i would miss thanks to usually going in a different directiong thanks to this site. I couldnt agree more that it is a great place to get together and shoot the bull or figure out why your truck wont start.

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