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  1. Mark Scotton

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    Hello everyone,
    Last week I bought a 1994 Suburban. And I really love it. But now I'm trying to find out more about them. and my own Suburban. One thing about mine is that the sticker on the drivers door that tells about the truck is worn blank from old age. And I was wanting to know when it was built. Any ideas on where I might get that info? Also, all of the other ones that I have seen have bucket seats, overhead consoles etc. Mine has 3 bench seats and no overhead console. But it does have rear air and rear air controls on the rear roof. Also, its the only one that I have seen in my town with the colors that I have both inside and out. Would you please share info with me?





  2. Pikey

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    Put you vin into this. It will give you every bit of information you are looking for. It will tell you exactly what it rolled out of the factory with. What is cool about it is that you can add the rpo code options to the bottom section and see how many vehicle were made with that option. If I add them all my yukon xl falls to 1% and they say that there is not another one exactly like it.
  3. Mark Scotton

    Mark Scotton New Member

    Thanks Pikey! It says that mine is the only one as well. :)

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