I call her Big Ugly (for now)

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  1. Zac001

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    Just my new to me 95 Sierra SLT been doing some work on her in the two weeks I've had her! Lots of cleaning since its been a backyard decoration for four years, in the two weeks I've had her I've replaced the back fender flares, added a 3in exhaust from the cat back with a flowmaster 40 on it, torn out the back seat working on re upholstering it, have pulled out the center console and dyed it black, took off the passenger door panel and dyed that black as well, slowly putting the whole interior to black and grey leather! Updates will be posted in appropriate areas! This is what I've done so far!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Hard to upload all at once on my phone

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  2. Enkeiavalanche

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    Getting there Keep us updated..
  3. TRPLXL2

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    Wow those interior pieces came out really nice!! When I was reading your opening words, first thing that came into my mind was that has to look like crap. They look like factory, great job on them. As far as the body I read your other thread about the 20 minute detail, and that blew my mind!!! Keep up the great work!!
  4. Johnny_Buchanan

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    Big, yup! Ugly? No way in Hell!!
    Sweet looking truck!


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  5. AnimalYates

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    Liking the progress. Love this body style. Keep us updated!
  6. Countrypride95

    Countrypride95 New Member

    Truck look amazing for it to have been a yard ornament for four years. Great job on the whole cleaning process :great:
  7. JohnTSSG

    JohnTSSG New Member

    That's unbelievable that your truck was a yard ornamant for 4 years you have done and awesome job cleaning her up. The die jobs on the console and the passenger door panel came out great. I haven't heard of that before. I guess I have been hiding under a rock for a long time. :lol:Keep up the good work.

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