I disabled AFM as an experiment.

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by stchman, Aug 26, 2013.

  1. RayVoy

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    I'm sure on some trucks, it works better than on others. GM will tell you it needs good, clean oil, I use synthetic. Like [MENTION=57614]stchman[/MENTION], mine works flawlessly. At this point (90,000k) I can not tell if it will cause premature problems, or not.

    I can not tell if there is any mpg improvement with it operating, or not.

    I am not a big fan of the 6 speed transmission, I drive it in M and in 5th gear around town (yes, I know AFM is disabled) if I'm towing, of if I have a lead in the back. The manual shifting is fun.

    I do know, that we all do not like the same things. So I say, if you are not a fan of AFM, spend the money and have it turned off (my 2 cents)
  2. ChevyBoy2009

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    Exactly what i did!:great:
  3. Cowpie

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    It all depends on what one is doing as to whether the switch from V4 to V8 is noticeable. In my area, a lot of rural two lane roads that are hilly. The switch is very noticeable. For instance, it may go into V4 on the downhill on one hill, stay that way for a short stretch of flat, then you will get a shift and kick when it takes on the next hill. Do that a couple times a mile, over, say, a 35 mile or more stretch, and it gets very noticeable. Now with the Range AFM delete, there is considerably less shifting or none at all on all those same hills along that same stretch. I probably put, maybe, two miles a week on in town driving. Everything else is rural roads. The lack of AFM does make things a little more pleasurable, and eases my mind that the transmission is not having to beat itself to death with every little rise in the road due to AFM. It may be not as noticeable on the freeway at the higher speeds, and "seamless", but that is just one scenario. Hitting the freeway and clipping along at speeds above 65 is, for me, about as infrequent as the driving in town. I may go a few weeks before I hit the interstate or other 4 lane. And that is the truth behind all of this AFM stuff. It was designed for those who use their pickups as only a grocery getter to taking the kids to soccer practice, a daily commuter ride to work, or cruising on Saturday night. Seems the dweebs in the lab coats at GM R&D didn't take into account that their pickup would actually be used by non-urban folks.
  4. stchman

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    Apparently a lot of people are really wanting to find anything they can wrong with the AFM on these trucks.

    I do accept that a very small percentage of 5.3L AFM engines have an oil consumption problems, but I don't buy all this other hype. My 2013 with the AFM disabled drives identically to when the AFM was enabled. The only way I know the AFM switches from V8 to V4 is the slight difference in the audible exhaust note.

    I do have an update on fuel economy. I filled the tank this evening and DIC reported 17.8MPG, paper and pencil reported 17.3MPG.

    So all in all AFM does not deliver any real world fuel economy so far.
  5. ChevyBoy2009

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    But it makes me feel better with it off...who knows what its doing to the motor when its enabled...also my MPGs seem to be alittle higher...my exhaust sounding normal is a plus
  6. Cowpie

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    For me, it is not a matter of finding anything wrong with AFM, it is the fact that it is even there in the first place. I don't want it and it is not an option when buying the vehicle to get the engine without AFM. I bought 8 cylinders, and I want them all to work. It is just that simple. That is why the AFM got deleted within 24 hours of bringing my new 2013 Silverado home from the dealer.

    But to be fair, AFM is not the only thing I got with the pickup that I didn't ask for or want. Daytime driving lights another one. They got deleted as well. I thought that the parking sensor idea was neat, at the dealership, after using the pickup around my farm, not so much, so they are deleted. Took that little rubber air dam off the front bumper also within the first week. Have been procrastinating, but will get around to disabling the seatbelt beeping. So all of this is not a matter of finding what is wrong, it is a matter of not wanting it. I didn't ask for it, I hate that I had to pay for it, but I am not going to use it.
  7. phoebeisis

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    Big aside
    The seat belt beep-does it use the radio speakers?
    I -and everyone else in the world-put "stuff" on a passenger's seat
    So it beeps for a while-annoying-but not annoying enough to bother doing anything about it.
    Now if the beep was just from some tiny noisemaker speaker-that I could unplug
    well I would do it
    98 suburban-probably the same "annoying beeper" as the later trucks
  8. Cowpie

    Cowpie Rockstar 3 Years 500 Posts

    The seatbelt beep thing is not as annoying as some of the other stuff, so that is probably why I haven't addressed it yet. But no need to get elaborate on how you disable the beep. It is as simple as unplugging the connector under the seat for the seat belt sensor. I just haven't taken the time to do so yet. I usually drive the pickup on the weekends, as my primary ride during the week is a class 8 semi truck. And it doesn't beep at me for anything but low air pressure. I can deal with that.

    Maybe it is the Libertarian in me and the fact that I grew up in a time where the government and manufacturers didn't feel this intrusive need to nanny me on everything. I started driving farm tractors as a kid that had no cab, no fenders, and a hand clutch. Owned my first .22 rifle at 8 years old, and could go to the hardware store in town and buy my own .22 ammo. And seat belts were just starting to show up in vehicles, and they were only lap belts. There is an inherent distrust and dislike for folks trying to force on me stuff that I neither want or need. I know how and when to fasten a seat belt, I don't need some nanny yelling at me. I look under the hood and see a V8. I want all those cylinders to work, and I dislike some dweeb in a lab coat deciding for my that I only need a V4 sometimes. And there are times, out in the country off road, even in the evening, that daytime running lights are a nuisance. At least I can switch off at will the auto head light junk. That is yet another thing I did not want or ask for. I know when to turn my lights on, yet the OEM's feel the need to turn them on for me because they feel I am not responsible enough, even with well over 4 million miles of safe commercial truck driving experience, to turn my own lights on. It shows that those idiots at Detroit have never gone hunting or been around livestock. To quote John Wayne, they probably still think that cows are only something you milk, and indians are something in front of a cigar store.
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  9. ChevyBoy2009

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    Well said!...totally agree:great:
  10. stchman

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    The reason GM and other car makers put all this stuff is to keep them from getting sued by the Liberal worshiping morons of this world.

    Some of the features that GM puts on the truck I like:
    Automatic headlamps
    Parking sensors

    Some I am just meh about:
    Daytime running lamps

    I don't know how much weight you guys put on the front seat, but my 20lb dog lays on the front passenger seat while I drive and the seatbelt buzzer does not go off.

    I'm actually glad GM is doing this "safety" stuff to cars. I am also a Libertarian and you know darn well the Socialist government currently in power is itching to "mandate" all this safety equipment. Once it is mandated into law, disabling the annoying features you people are whining about would result in a ticket from local police. The dumbest law I've ever heard of is the wipers on, headlights on crap.

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