I hate Anti Lock Brakes!

Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by FireRed, Aug 22, 2010.

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    I hate them so much on my 02 Sub I pulled the fuse, pulling the fuse gave me control without the brake studder and cut my stopping distance noticeably. I did this after reading tons of article on the net about the problems and GM recalls! The only issue I have now is dousing the dash lights, I had read an article awhile back about fooling the ABS by putting resisters in the plug but can no longer find the article. Anyone who thinks I am crazy disabling the ABS try this! On a rainy day find a vacant road or parking lot, get up to about 30 and jam the brakes like you would normally do in a tight situation measure the distance use a fixed object like a pole or sign. Then pull the 60 amp fuse for the ABS and duplicate the same run, yes you may have to feather the brakes like we had to in the old days but you will be surprised how you can reduce the stopping distance. Take moment to look over this issue! This is one of many links there are hundreds of pages about the ABS problems, they simply do not reliably do what they are suppose to do. If someone know the link to fooling the system please I beg you to post it!
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    ABS brakes keep your wheels from locking up and loosing control. you may not be able to stop "just as quick" as you coudl without abs... but youll have a better chance of braking in the direction you want.

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    i should have asked and never did. is your abs pre-activating under normal braking? that bodystyle c/k truck and newer i believe commonly have rust jacking under the front wheel speed sensors that cause abs preactivation. really easy to fix it
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    ABS does suck I pulled my fuse years ago and since then have added a axle the does not offer tone rings so ABS is no longer a option. But if you can drive and control the urge to panic stop you should be alright mine about put me into a bottomless hole one day out bogging in the slop and I pulled the fuse right there

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