I have 33 x 12.5 x 20 Tires and am wanting 20's

Discussion in 'Wheels & Tires' started by marshjo, Mar 17, 2011.

  1. marshjo

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    I know this is routine and redundant for most of you... But here it goes. I have 33" toyo mts waiting on some rims for my 2011 silverado with a 2.5" level kit. I ordered bmf sota's 20 x 10 with -19 offset on a whim and now am paying restocking fees due to the rub on the fender by the door... I would like to know if I can run a 20 x 9 with a offset of 0 and have little to know rub with these tires?? Or what offset on a 20 x 9 will work? Or do I need to get smaller tires and rims?
    Thank you in advance guys!
  2. silveradotrailblazer

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    Weclome to the club. Sorry I can't help you, but I'm sure someone on this site can.
  3. marshjo

    marshjo New Member

    Haha! Thank you, thats what im hoping!
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  5. Rockstarrchevy81

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    Hey man yea a 20x10 is too big and is the main reason you are having rubbing. A 20x9 will not have any issues what so ever with a 0 offset, i have 18x9 with a 0 offset and no problem what so over it all has to do with the proper back spacing and offset to be able to run certain tires. You are good with 20x9 with 0 offset for sure with a 2.5 leveling kit man...
  6. marshjo

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    Sounds good, Thank you guys! Just needed some reassurance!

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