I have a couple questions for you guys!

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  1. I am thinking of getting a 1999 Chevy silverado 2500 off of one of my friends. My first question is how reliable are these vehicles? I've heard good things but just want to make sure. Also, it has a center console that I haven't seen before. It has the 2 captains chairs up front, not a bench seat and the console has a module that tells you your fuel mpg and what not. I've searched YouTube and everything and can't find one that even looks close to that. Is there one? Or no?
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    We need a little more information, they easiest way is if you have a pic of it (even if it is with a cell phone camera).

    Also, there are allot of options on 2500's..... Is it gas or diesel? Is it reg cab, extended cab, or crew cab? is it 2 wheel drive or 4 wheel drive?

    Also, interior trim packages could be LS, LT, LTZ ,etc
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    Yes, more info is needed but it sounds like the center console may be an after-market mod.
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    I agree that the center console stuff doesn't sound stock, at all...
  5. Its gas and the ls model. All leather interior. Extended cab. 4x4. The console can't be after key. The color of it matches perfectly with the interior. I've just never seen one and I can't take a pic of it.

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    After market not after key lol
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    Many aftermarket parts match perfectly, not all, but many. If most of the folks here have not seen it, then chances are that it is aftermarket/custom

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