I have a problem with "wandering"!

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    Hello to all!! I am new to the site & new to having a Yukon. I recently bought a 2003 Yukon XL with about 90K miles on it. It came with 20" rims & 275/55R20 tires, the tires are General VHP's. Since I bought it the truck likes to wander on rough spots & joints in the roadway, if the road is smooth it rides great. I put it up in the air to check things out & found the idler arm was a little loose, so I replaced it. The truck still wandered, I took it into a local dealership to have it properly inspected & all they could find was an alighnment issue, so I had that done. The dealship said that a big part of the wandering was the oversized rim-tire combo, along with the directional tires that it has. After the alignment it still wanders just not as bad. Is it possible that the tires are the problem? I am open to suggestions & info. We are taking to trip to camp Pendelton to watch my son graduate as a Marine & I want to have a nice smooth trip without having the wandering problem. Any help is grately appreciated, Thank You!!
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    Welcome to the site! Ideally, if you could try a different wheel/tire combo on there to see if the tires are what is causing the wandering. Since you have had it inspected (and aligned) by professionals, the wheel/tire combo should be your next concern.
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    Problem with Wandering

    Had same problem with my Surburban. Found that although front suspension parts (upper,lower ball joints, idler arm, pitman arm,etc. where all just slightly worn, combined this made for alot of movement across the front suspension. Also if bought used you dont know how often front was serviced .
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    The tires could and probably are the problem, this problem is common with lifted 4x4's running large tires.
    Larger tires increase wear on suspension and steering components and tend to grab the road a little too good, the problem's probably really noticeable on poorly maintained secondary roads and when driving faster on highways with cracks and ridges.
    On 4x4's a band aid fix is to use a steering dampner, this slows down the wandering, the true fix is to go back to stock size tires.
    I've seen steering dampners made for 2wd vehicles but off-hand couldnt recommend one brand specifically.
    Try looking at Fab Tech, Sky Jacker, and Rancho, these companies specialize in suspension components and lifts and manufacture parts for 2wd trucks also. Even though your truck isnt lifted the parts you need can still be made to fit.

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