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Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by alb9110, Jul 8, 2011.

  1. alb9110

    alb9110 New Member

    hey i just recently installed a train horn on my truck and was wondering if there is any way i can dissable the horn that goes off when u double click the lock button on the keyless and have the train horn go off instead
  2. sstoner911

    sstoner911 Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    I know they offered that option when I had my aftermarket alarm installed(rather than using the siren included with the alarm), however, I bet after a day or two of that you would quickly grow tired of it.

    I have Klienn train horns, I dont know how loud yours are, but mine are extremely loud. Once or twice you piss off mothers with small babies you will regret doing that.

    I have a rule with my train horns when I set them off:

    No babies and small children

    No old people (unless they are driving and deserve it)

    and finally..no cops because they are bad sports.

    Just have a separate button for your train horns when you want to use it.

    Iam pretty sure you can install a standard alarm horn on the OEM alarm and eliminate the truck horn.
  3. BigMike2011

    BigMike2011 Member

    ya my dad is a cop and he was just telling me about how his bud at work wrote this guy a ticket with a train horn in his truck. Its some kind of excessive noise ticket or some thing like that i cant remember. Apparently he was driving back in forth scaring the crap out of people at the grocery store. Im not sayin your goin to abuse it like that but deffinately watch who your usin it on lol
  4. alb9110

    alb9110 New Member

    yeah those are my same rules including no motorcyclist and i try not to do it people with animals
    and i dont really abuse it like most people do i just have the occasional blast if some isnt moving or cuts me off you know... the basics.
    i also do have a seperate button for the solenoid on the horn they arent the loudest they are just some horns that go on semi trucks so not to loud
  5. BigMike2011

    BigMike2011 Member

    no way? how long did it take you to put the train horn in along with the solenoid button? could the average person do it with the basics of electrical stuff? lol
  6. alb9110

    alb9110 New Member

    yeah its pretty simple to do hard part is finding a place to put so cops dont know you have it haha. other then that its really easy just ground the solenoid and switch find 12 volts constant for the switches and your good to go also gonna need a compressor which is hooked up the same way

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