I have a vibration in the front driver side.

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by Josh, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. Josh

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    so ive come to notice that i have a vibration in the front drivers side. i just did the inner and outer tie rod on the passenger side. IF a tie rod is bad will it cause the tire to shimmy while driving. the side i replaced had a smidgen of play. its been a while since i inspected driver side on a jack for play but last i checked my hub assembly is good. now. whats a bad belt in a tire cause. cause ive got 33s and i think there not belted. any ideas on what can cause vibration in the front dr side on an 88-98. the tierods are my guess whats yours. is it possible for a rotor to warp all the way across though the tire is on properly. im kinda lost where to start.
  2. Josh

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    so i found the vibration. my upper control arm bushings are shot. how do you go about getting them out. do they just push out being there worn. i dont have access to a press. nor am i removing from balljoint. so basically im taking bolts off and lifting the arm up enough to remove rinse and repeat. can someone tell me if this is possible. im not good with suspension work when it comes to this kinda stuff. please help.
  3. Josh

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    problem fixed bushings replaced on upper control arm. drives like a new truck.
  4. dipstick

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    Well seems you fixed that all by your self lol

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