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    I want to post this for all of the Silverado/Sierras out there, I am submitting unlimited technical how-to for your 2004-2007 old body style truck. (This does not apply to the New body style silverado, sorry) I am sure that you guys already have the Haynes manuals, and various other Auto Zone books. If you need answers beyond that, just ask me by PM or on this thread. I have a COMPLETE set of repair manuals for our trucks, these are the exact one's that the dealer uses. I know this because my friend is an authorized mechanic at Jack Matia chevrolet in Elyria Ohio, he ordered this complete set for me as a birthday present.

    There are ruffly 3,000 pages of everything for these trucks, here are some of the major things:

    General Information (Which is probably what is in the Hayne's Manual)

    HVAC ( Heating, air conditioning, and ventilation)

    Steering (Quadrasteer, rack and pinion, power steering)

    Suspension (Front/Rear suspension, tires & wheels, selectable ride)

    Driveline/Axle (Transfer Cases, Front/Rear drive axles)

    Brakes (Disc, Drum, parking Brake, ABS)

    Engine (4.3, 4.8, 5.3, 6.0, 6.6L LLY, 8.1, sorry no Flex Fuel!)

    Transmissions ( ZF S6-650 Manual, 4L60-E, 4L80-E Automatic, Allison Transmissions)

    Body ( Basically anything that can be removed, complete tear apart and rebuild. BODY SHOP MANUAL)

    Vehicle Control Systems ( DTC full listing, Programming and setup of PTM, and ECU)

    Accesories (Cruise, Entertainment, Keyless entry, PTO, Theft deterrent devices)

    I would love to be able to put these awesome books to use for fellow truck enthusiasts, keep in mind these are the books that the dealer doesn't want you to see. LOL, Feel free to contact me through this site. Hope this helps you guys, thanks for your time........AMY:great:
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    Very good of you to share and congrat's on such a great birthday present!!
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    Thanks for sharing Amy!! I have a feeling that you will be getting lots of questions!
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    Way to step up Amy!
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    FYI - image is not showing up for me.
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    OOOooooohhh.... so nice and shiny and all... :)
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    Amy, Don't go to alot of trouble but when you have time can you pleeeze check to see if the book(s) say anything about adding fog lights to a 2007 silverado classic. I'm getting nothing with GM. If its in the book I'll buy my own! Thanks
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    You're a re true charm, thanks for stepping up.

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