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    Hi, my name is Dario. I am from Argentina, and i own a 1995 GMC yukon 3door 6,5 TD BLACK. Soon i will upload some photos. My brother in law owned it from new, and then he sold it to me in 2002. Unfortunately here we don´t have many replacement parts, so i need to get them from the US.
    Maybe someone can help me. The passenger bucket seat track is broken, and I can´t find anyone who can repair it. So i think i will need to buy one in the US and get it shipped to Argentina. Could you please help me trying to find this part new ore used in good condition?
    Thanks a lot!

    Best regards, Dario
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    Welcome to the Club!!

    Here is also a link in which you may be able to find a used one....Good-Luck!!

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    Welcome to the club, Dario.
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    Try www.LMCTruck.com OR Jegs.com OR Ecklerstrucks.com OR ClassicIndustries.com (724 pages = 1947-2008). Get their catalogs.

    Beware of EBay. I have gotten many good low $ items, but have been defrauded TWICE (two vehicles = BIG $$$) via ebay and they are not helpful in resolving the issues or in abiding by their OWN guarantee. Happy hunting,
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    Welcome to the club!
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    Welcome Dario!

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