I like the 2009 Suburban

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    We've owned the Burb for about 10 months now. Didn't get to do much driving in the snow last winter with it. Caught 1 late snow storm and the Burb ran great.

    I just drove about 160 miles in the worst snow storm ever. Almost met the guard rail. I could see where a few people did get the rail. Saw a tow truck pulling a small SUV back onto the road. Saw another SUV upside down on the side of the road.

    Lots of rain and wet snow. Got pulled a few times in the slush ruts and put the Burb into 4 wheel drive, instead of Auto. Most of the trip was 35 mph. Only 3 people passed me and 3 people pulled off the road when I caught up to them, so I could lead the pack. It was a long slow trip, but I was impressed with the Burb, probably would have been better if I had Studded Snow Tires on it. Got into heavy rain and iced covered roads. Took a while to get home, but the Burb go us there.

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    Big Burbs Rule!

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