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  1. thirdgenz28

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    Ok so hears the deal...I go to work today and shortly after I get there my wife calls me upset. She tells me we have a hole in the kitchen ceiling and I need to come home. I do so and find a huge piece of sheetrock in the floor along with a masive pile of blown in insulation. I have no idea as to why it fell other than its just old and nails were used to install the sheetrock. Im ripping all the old sheetrock out and replacing it in the morning but have a question. Should I keep the blown in insulation or change to the roll type. Pretty much ruined my plans for my day off, but oh well what can ya do? Is there any suggetions as to things I should check out or look for considering the ceiling joists and stuff will be exposed? Thanks for hearing my rant and feel free to give me some suggestions. Thanks guys.
  2. phoebeisis

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    Hey, I know EXACTLY how you feel.
    When that has happened to me, it was because there was/is a roof leak.
    I would usually see it bulging or leaking a few hours or days before it actually fell, but not always.

    Water damage is obvious- you see the lines on the sheetrock even if it happened a while back and dried.
    Just look for a leak- if you don't find one-wet insulation or lines on sheetrock- it is probably just because it wasn't held up well enough- stuff is really heavy takes plenty of screws/nails to hold it up..
  3. Bigbomber

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    Find the leak and replace the blown in stuff with a high r value fibreglass pink insulation.
  4. murdog94

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    X2! it is cheaper, and easier to deal with if needed in the future.. The blown stuff is great if you dont ever ever ever plan to see it again.
  5. thirdgenz28

    thirdgenz28 New Member

    Thank you guys for all the advice. After inspection I found no signs of water damage. Though I did find the cause of the problem ( at least what I think it was).
    They used nails in the on the ceiling...and the worst part is they were way to small. Barley even had a head on them!! So I kind of figured with the weight of the insulation, sheetrock, and plaster it was a disaster waiting to happen. Gotta love old houses!!!! Thank you guys.

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